LCPS Leather Cutting Production Line

A new generation of leather cutting production line


Production line work-flow Automatic operation Maximize cutting time High quality imported felt with good color contrast Infrared safety device

Production line work-flow

Compared with the traditional production model, this unique three-stage production work-flow can maximize the production efficiency, including leather checking, contour extract, irregular nesting, cutting and pattern collecting.

Automatic operation

After assigning the production orders, works only need to feed the leather to the work-flow, then operate it through Control Center software till job finish. With such a system, it can minimize the labor intensity and reduce dependence on the professional staff.

Maximize cutting time

In unit time, LCPS cutting line can be processed without gaps, which can improve the effectiveness to 75%-90%.

High quality imported felt with good color contrast

Material can be fixed well with strong felt friction, improving cutting accuracy. Good felt color contrast enhances the leather contour recognition speed and precision.

Infrared safety device

Safety protection device with high sensitive infrared sensor, can ensure the safety of person and machine.


LCPS leather cutting system adopts the most advanced high-definition full-color leather contour acquisition system

With high-precision scanning camera to extract leather irregular contour shape, area, defects and other information. Automatic nesting system maximizes leather utilization, unique three-segment work flow can greatly reduce labor intensity,promote productivity, boost comprehensive performance. Productivity can be increased by 20% when compared with traditional leather cutting equipment.

LCPS Leather Cutting Production Line



The advanced high-definition full, color leather contour acquisition system Powerful order management IECHO automatic outline recognition system IECHO intelligent digital leather management system

The advanced high-definition full, color leather contour acquisition system

With high precision and high speed scanning system, it only takes 45s to extract the information of a piece 55 feet leather, including leather contour, circumference, area and defects. Automatic image processing system will amend and integrate the scanning result, to maintain the original, then create the nesting tasks automatically. With stable moving light box, IECHO high precision system can minimize the effect of outside light source. It can even extract leather scanning data under quite weak or strong light condition.

Powerful order management

The whole set of order management system convers all the production lines. It can customize the best work-flow for enterprises according to their production modes. During the production, orders can be flexibly be modified, deleted and added. More than 5 groups of real-time monitoring module are used for the whole production line. Operators can freely edit every link in the chain, to maximize the production efficiency.

IECHO automatic outline recognition system

Record the data of leather shape, area and defects etc.

IECHO intelligent digital leather management system

● IECHO high-precision scanning system can recognize and record each leather shape, size, defect information.
● IECHO leather production management system can allocation patterns to different leather pieces according order models.



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