5 Must-Know Tips for Buying a Die-Cutting Machine

Apr. 30, 2021

If you are in the market or think you might be in the market for a die-cutting machine, you may have some questions. A die-cutting machine (sometimes called a card-making machine) is a revolutionary tool for craftspeople. It has truly changed lives.

However, because of their importance, logistics, and price, buying a die cutter can make crafters uneasy or even hesitant. Ladies and gentlemen, put your fears aside - we have the information you need to help you make the best choice for your new and improved creative arsenal.

Here are 5 must-know tips for buying a die-cutting machine.

1. Consider your needs

Firstly, you need to have not only an idea of what you are prepared to build but how you would prefer to go about doing so. There are two main genres of die-cutting: manual and electronic/digital. Do you want the machine to manually and physically put in the material and die and then turn the lever to make the cut? Or, are you computer savvy and want to hook up your computer to a desktop or laptop and cut from there?


Note: Some manual die-cutting machines have electronic options. These are electric (or have an electric accessory option). Technically, they are manual - this means that you put the material and die to be cut into the machine and then make the cut yourself. However, instead of turning the joystick, you can press a button and the machine will automatically do the work for you. This is perfect if you suffer from arthritis or have mobility problems. Please note, however, that a manual die cutter with electronic/electric functions is not the same as an electronic digital die cutter, which is a die cutter that you connect to a computer.

SC High-Speed Large-Format Static Cutting System

2. Consider the size of your project

Do you intend to create large projects, very small projects, weekly or just for special occasions?

As machines vary in type and size, these are all important questions about which machine might be right for you!

3. Know what you need to cut

Do you just want to cut stamped images or do you plan to sew a unique blanket? The next consideration is the material you plan to cut. If you are only planning to cut paper, you can use a manual or electronic standard die-cutting machine.


However, if you are cutting soft materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, PVC, ETFE, PTFE, HYPALON, oxford cloth, leather automatically with high speed ( without making sampling, drawing a line, and cutting dies). In the case of the SC high-speed large-format static cutting system, you will need to purchase a large heavy-duty machine.

Tip: Make sure you can read product reviews, descriptions and watch videos (if you can) so you know exactly what each machine will or won't do!

4. Check the die-cutting comparison table

Find out the differences between machines. Like washing machines, toaster ovens, and bicycles, die-cutting machines may all serve the same purpose, but they differ in their functions and features.

As you read through it, consider carefully all that you have considered in the previous tips - what do you intend to make? Which materials would you most like to use? and how much space you actually have in your studio.

5. Read the comments

Last but not least, read reviews. This may seem effortless, but it is vital. The information you can get from other craftsmen like yourself is priceless. It's important to read five-star reviews and one-star reviews so that you know exactly what people like about the machine and what they might have to say about it. Most product pages have reviews near the bottom of the page.

When it comes down to it, buying a die-cutting machine is a big deal, but a life-changing one. Your craft will be forever changed, thus giving you more control, more creative possibilities, and more designs to add to all the pieces you choose to make.





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