Digital Cutting Meets Architecture

Feb. 06, 2021

For their bachelor thesis, two FH Dortmund students developed a six-meter long showroom. The showroom was produced in an innovative and continuous digital process chain. At the same time, digital cutting technology was used.

The basis for the bachelor thesis was their participation in the "Mextropoli 2019 Pavilion Competition" in Mexico. This international architectural competition required the design and construction of a pavilion that could be temporarily located in the city and meet sustainability requirements. The old and new traditional architecture was combined with a digital plan. The walkways are covered with wooden shingles and built with minimal differences in installation angles at a scale of 1:1. The two students were supervised by Prof. Volker Helm, who is an expert in the field of digitization of architecture. Prof. Helm explains: "Through digital process chains, complex building structures can be realized cost-effectively and resource-efficiently through automated, virtually waste-free production methods."

 Digital Cutting Meets Architecture

The material basis for the showroom is honeycomb panels, which are both stable and lightweight. The wooden shingles were put into operation by the S3 series of digital cutting machines, which the construction industry put into operation in autumn 2018. The necessary data is read from the 3D model and forwarded directly to the Schindler Zünd digital cutting machine. The digital cutter can then automatically produce a large number of individual parts, often with minimal differences in size. "Only digital manufacturing makes it possible to produce different parts in series," says Prof. Helm. In order to precisely position the 2,000 individual parts in the overall structure, a code needs to be assigned to all components. Using simple plug-in connectors, the showroom could be erected and dismantled in a short time, as well as recovering all components separately.


IECHO new BK4 digital cutting system is for a single layer (new layers) cutting, can work on process automatically and accurately, like It can be widely used in the industries of automotive interior, advertising, furniture and composite, etc. The BK4 cutting system is designed for single-layer (new layers) cutting, and can work on process automatically and accurately, like cutting, milling, V groove, marking, etc, It can be widely used in the industries of automotive interior, advertising, furniture and composite, etc. BK4 High-Speed Digital Cutting Machine, with its high precision and efficiency, provides automated cutting solutions to BK4 cutting system, with its high precision and efficiency, provides automated cutting solutions to a variety of industries.

The cutting speed can reach 1800mm/s. IECHO MC motion control module makes the machine run more intelligently. Different motion modes can be changed easily to deal with different products.


1. New vacuum design. Airflow is increased by 25%.

2. Diagonal brace built in the gantry. Structural strength increased by 30%.

3. Intelligent vacuum zones. Intelligently adjust suction according to material size.

4. 1million bending tests. The cable of the whole machine has passed 1million times of bending and fatigue resistance test. Longer life and higher safety.

IECHO was founded in 1994, located in Hangzhou City, China. With more than 20 years of development in cutting technologies, IECHO is now the leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems in China.

IECHO provides integrated solutions to a wide range of industries including Sign & Graphics, Packaging, Textile, Leather, Furniture, Automotive and Composites, etc. With good quality and excellent performance, IECHO products are highly praised by customers from more than 100 countries.




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