Digital Cutting VS. Die-Cutting: What Is The Difference?

Jun. 28, 2021

PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

We're often asked about the difference between digital cutting and die cutting, so here's an explanation for you.

Digital cutting and die-cutting is a great way to make your brand stand out and create a bold statement with a custom print job. It's essentially the process of cutting a sheet of paper, acrylic, fiberboard, plastic, or similar slender material to a custom size. The process can be done on a flatbed or rotary press.

The technique can be used for anything from boxes and business cards to brochures and presentation folders to large graphic installations. It's a process with a long history, dating back to the nineteenth century when leather was cut for the shoe industry and patterns were created for shoe soles.  

Today, while molds are still widely used, digital cutting offers another option for precision cutting without molds. Lasers can be used to make highly precise cuts and create creases where necessary.  

You can find out more by checking out a recent article we wrote:  Die-Cutting Machine or Digital Cutting Machine?

What is die-cutting?

Die-cutting uses a sharp steel blade to create a specific shape. Using special machines, you can create smooth, crisp edges with a specific, consistent finish. One way to understand this is industrial-grade cookie cutting. There is virtually no limit to the possible shapes you can have because the cut form or "mold" is customized specifically for each job. And with its ability to be created, such specific shapes can really build your brand apart.  

When people ask the difference between digital cutting and die-cutting, we want to point out that both can be done on a smaller or larger scale, but if you're "re-working" on a large format, such as retail branding or signage, large format digital cutting tends to work best.  

 Applications of PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

 Applications of PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

What is digital cutting?

This technology allows precise cutting without the use of a die through a computer programmed path. With this method, you get all the benefits of traditional die-cutting, but with a laser, you can make precise cuts and make creases and scores as needed.

A large amount of material can be cut using this process. You can use digital cutting for smaller-scale projects, but it does work for large format printing and jobs such as prominent signage and similar graphic devices.  

Today, those using digital cutting often use innovative machines such as PK automatic intelligent cutting system we have at IECHO, PK automatic intelligent cutting system adopts automatic vacuum suction cup and automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with a variety of tools for fast and precise cutting, half-cutting, creasing, and marking.  It is suitable for proofing and small-batch custom production in sign, printing, and packaging industries. It is a cost-effective and intelligent machine for all your creative processing.


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