Discover How A Car Interior Is Made

Oct. 14, 2021

The interior is one of the most sought-after aspects of a vehicle - why else would a manufacturer sell the same model of car with many different levels of interior trim? What types of car interior trimmings are available and how are they made? Read on to learn!


Types of car interiors

The interior of your car is all the parts of your vehicle that are more decorative than functional. Its main purpose is to make the auto interior trim a comfortable and warm environment. Examples of trim pieces may include leather steering wheels, door linings, roof lining trim, seat trim, or sun visor mirrors.

Car Interior

 Car Interior

The common denominator between all these types of trim is that they have an aesthetic motivation. They do have practical uses, such as insulating your car to absorb heat. For example to prevent hands from being burned by the sun on the wheels or to prevent the roof from being damaged by water. However, most people see them as a more decorative aspect of your car, making the interior gorgeous and modern.


Top car trim materials

There is a wide range of materials used as there are many items that qualify as interior trim. Some of the most common include.


Leather (steering wheel lining, seat covers, glove box exterior)

Vinyl and faux leather (cost-effective alternatives to the leather being used by many manufacturers)

Fabrics (car ceiling linings, felt in cupholders, fabric mats on vehicle floors)

Suede (soft steering wheel covers, seat cushion exteriors)

Wood (decorative interiors and door panels)

Applications of TK4S Large Format Cutting System

Applications of TK4S Large Format Cutting System

How are these materials made?

The automotive interior trim components are extremely diverse and are therefore manufactured in many different ways. Specialists will come up with new ideas for trimming the parts and testing the principles before they are manufactured. This ensures that each part has a certain functionality and aesthetic appeal.


IECHO pays attention to every little detail in production, and digitalization is also changing the production method of steering wheel cover. How to produce more competitive products? IECHO cutting machine can help you.


TK4S Large format cutting system provides the best choice for multi-industries automatic processing, Its system can be precisely used for full cutting, half cutting, engraving, creasing, grooving, and marking. Meanwhile, precise cutting performance could meet your large format requirement. A user-friendly operating system will show you a perfect processing result.


Using IECHO cutting machine, we can provide you with efficient and personalized production. If you want to use digital templates instead of physical templates, we are happy to provide a large model library for you to choose a variety of car mat styles.

TK4S Large Format Cutting System

 TK4S Large Format Cutting System

From there, the most suitable material for the part will be collected and shaped into the appropriate shape. From secondary injection molding to variable temperature molding, there are many different ways to mold small parts inextricably together. Once completed, in-mold decoration will be applied and the part will then be allowed to cool.


The decorated parts may be fitted before being sent to the distributor, but the other parts are sold as aftermarket products. Therefore, the process can be completed by simply installing them on the vehicle.


Start servicing your vehicle

While there are many parts that affect the functionality of your vehicle, it is equally important that the trim is done in a different way. After all, no one wants to drive a car that is uncomfortable to sit in or uninsulated in extreme temperatures.


Contact us for a quote on the cost of manufacturing the parts you need for your auto interior trim. We work with a variety of car manufacturers and are therefore happy to customize your parts for the specific vehicle you are designing and building.





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