FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit

Oct. 10, 2021

September 30th, 12 days before FESPA

IECHO Headquarters, 5.00 am

At five o'clock in the morning of the 30th, it was dark, but a group of  had already gathered at the entrance of IECHO, "Hurry up, we have to get to Shanghai before the embassy opens at nine o'clock", October 1st is China's National Day, all companies and organizations will take a seven-day long vacation, and half of the guys who are going to the fespa have not yet got their visas. If we didn't get the visa today, we would have to wait until after the National Day, and by that time, we would not be able to catch up with the exhibition on the 8th of October. Due to the COVID-19, visas were very difficult to obtain and email communication was slow, so everyone was ready to show the urgency and determination of the situation with their actions by going to the site on the last day. The vehicle started slowly, the tail lights came on to illuminate the darkness, and the crowd drove ahead with anticipation and anxiety, with the unknown ahead.

FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit

Shanghai, 8:45am

"The embassy said the previous emails were not received! We still need to add a lot of document!"   "How can we still be missing documents when we are about to arrive, prepare quickly!"   "I'm in charge of this, you're in charge of that" A new problem appeared, when we arrived at the embassy, we found that some of the visa documents were missing, all of us except the driver opened our cell phones and computers to prepare the missing documents, time was running out, every second was very precious, our colleagues at IECHO headquarters in Hangzhou were also providing remote help. In the car, all we could hear was the sound of cell phone navigation and keyboard tapping.

Shanghai, 12:15pm

It was already lunch time, but everyone sitting in the restaurant was a bit silent, mixed feelings, three people got their visas successfully, the other three people submitted their documents at the last minute of the embassy office hours, but couldn't get their visas, which meant that getting the visas before the holidays became a luxury, Jerry was the technical director of IECHO, and he had been preparing for the exhibition since June, but in the end he couldn't get to the site, and everyone was so frustrated and disappointed. That's when Jerry's cell phone rang, "Hello, what? The German Embassy? We need to get our passports by 3pm? Yes, yes, thank you, thank you very much!" , everyone couldn't help but cheer after hanging up the phone, the crowd in the restaurant cast strange glances, forgive us, it was the most fun we've had in a while.

FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit

October 3th, 9 days before FESPA

Shanghai Pudong Airport,1am

The plane was delayed for a long time, people began to board, and soon the plane took off, David and other colleagues sat in their seats, looking out the window of the brightly lit Pudong Airport, looking down from the night sky it is like a most precise dial, each plane is a hand, the hour hand keeps turning, time keeps flowing, each plane leads to a new day.

FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit

October 7th, 5 days before fespa

Amsterdam, Mercure Amsterdam City Hotel, 9pm

IECHO all participants of FESPA gathered here, Carson has not returned home for two and a half months after installing machines for several customers in Europe, Leo, who has just returned home after four months of business trip, also participated in this exhibition after a short rest, Evan is a newcomer who just joined IECHO this year, this is his first business trip, we all gathered here from different countries and will start to set up the exhibition site tomorrow, there are excitement to participate in the exhibition, there are worries about the first business trip. We all have different ideas, but the belief of doing our best to make this exhibition better is equally firm.

FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit

October 8th, Fespa build day

Amsterdam, RAI, 9:30 AM

All IECHO guys gathered at the entrance of RAI exhibition hall, today is an important exhibition set-up day, everyone is full of energy, one by one machine packing boxes into position, we have a clear division of labor, good cooperation, efficient work, each link in an orderly manner, IECHO TK4S 2532 in the cooperation of everyone quickly set up, then the team divided into two groups, a group of debugging machines and another group to build new machines.

FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit

Everyone worked hard until 9:00 p.m. before leaving, everyone worked hard, but everyone had no complaints, everyone took this job as their own responsibility to participate in it, this is the spirit of IECHO.

FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit

Difficult and exhausted are the key words of the first day of work of the exhibition, positive and hard work is the theme of everyone building day, enthusiasm and sincerity is the attitude of IECHO to meet you at fespa, IECHO is looking forward to meeting you at RAI Amsterdam Hall 1 E170 on the 12th-15th!

FESPA 2021 - IECHO welcomes your visit



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