How Digital Cutting Technology Can Reduce Costs?

Jul. 21, 2022

It's no secret that composites are expensive and difficult to work with, which means if you still rely on manual methods for nesting and cutting, you could be wasting a lot of time and material. Technical textiles and composites are increasingly used in multiple industries, and the complexity of these products requires agility and rapid product optimization to limit material and labor costs.


To achieve more flexible and efficient processes, many composite manufacturers are beginning to digitally transform their supply chains by implementing the latest automated nesting and cutting solutions. With automated nesting and cutting solutions, you can maximize material utilization by getting the best out of nesting and cutting.

 Wallpaper Industries Intelligent Processing Device

Software is the key to efficiency

While having fast and accurate machines is at the heart of automated cutting, the software behind it is the key to having a truly efficient cutting system. IECHO offers a suite of software and hardware solutions to solve this problem for every step of the manufacturing process, including pattern design and digitization, material planning and management, nesting, cutter control and monitoring, quality control and assembly, and the ability to seamlessly share data between all of these applications. Here's a quick snapshot of what you need to have a fully integrated system.


  • Design - Manufacturers converting from manual cutting operations need a way to digitize their existing physical patterns or create new physical patterns digitally. The next step is to work directly from a 3D product CAD file, for example, to flatten a rebar shape to fit precisely on the surface of a formed mold.

 Applications of Wallpaper Industries Intelligent Processing Device

Nesting Software

Good nesting software can reduce lead times for new jobs and can significantly improve material utilization.


  • Nesting - Manually nesting patterns on a roll of material create excessive scrap. Good nesting software can automatically nest one or more patterns to make the most efficient use of material. This gets the job into production faster, minimizes material waste, and is very beneficial in matching operations.


  • Machine control - Once the nesting program is transferred to the automatic cutter, material shapes will be cut more accurately than by hand, resulting in improved quality and reduced material waste and labor.


  • Material Management - With the combination of nesting programs and cutter monitoring, you can know exactly how much material is needed for an upcoming job and verify how much material you are actually using based on material type or any given product. This is very useful information for production planning and cost control.


Indentation Tool Type-CTT

My material can be used to indent the marks of the material. Together with the software, the software, the tool can be used to make corrugated carton indentations with TT or to cut out the best structure or cut marks of corrugated material without damaging the surface of the corrugated material.

Indentation Tool

Electric Rotary Tool - PRT

The ICHO PRT electric rotary tool is suitable for cutting a wider range of materials, even the rather challenging fiberglass and Kevlar, due to its great power. the PRT is suitable for many industries, but most of all for the garment industry. It can cut the style of clothes you need quickly and accurately.

 Electric Rotary Tool

The Wallpaper Industries Intelligent Processing Device can identify and locate the printed mark to automatically adjust the position of the slitting cutter and the deviated angle of the cross cutter during the cutting process, to easily cope with the offset caused by the coil winding and the printing process and ensure the upright and neat cutting effect, so as to realize efficient and accurate continuous cutting of the printed material.


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IECHO is a global intelligent cutting solution supplier for the non-metal industry. It provides cutting machine and digital cutting machine for a wide range of applications.

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