How to Choose Cutting Tools

Aug. 14, 2021

CNC tool cutters most often use a "drag knife" tool - a blade that is simply pushed by the machine. The knife can be anything from a box cutter blade in a tool holder to a custom-designed shape of hardened alloy. Drag knives are easy to use and easy to replace, but you may have trouble with very hard or abrasive materials. If the material is thick, the material being cut will come into contact with the sides of the blade and create increased friction. This friction puts pressure on the blade and can push the material out of place.


An "oscillating tangential blade" can be used for hard or thick materials. This blade cuts into a portion of the material retracts upward, and then quickly returns. By doing this, the strain on the material is repeatedly released rather than building up around the blade, reducing the chance of tearing the material or breaking the blade. An oscillating tangential blade may simply be installed as a drag knife that moves up and down, or maybe more specifically used for downward penetration, such as a chisel.

Creasing Tool Type-CTT

Creasing Tool Type-CTT

Rotary blades often called "indentation wheels" can be used to cut abrasive or hard materials or to make indentations in any material. Rotary tools are free to rotate when pushed and have a continuous edge. A very abrasive material will quickly dull the pushing edge of drag or oscillating tool, but the rotating edge will not drag through the material. In many cases, hardened (titanium nitride) oscillating blades are strong enough to cut quickly, but wheeled blades may be the ideal solution, especially for thin abrasive composites.


The disadvantage of a rotary blade tool is that the curve of the blade can be pushed into the material at more than one point, so the drag knife may only cut at one point while cutting the curve, and the rotary blade may scrape the surface on the convex side of the cut. Drag knives are most likely to become dull from wear, and duller blades will be subjected to more stress when dragged, making them more likely to break. For this reason, drag knives are usually cheap and easy to replace rather than re-sharpening quickly.

Vibrating tangential tools are more prone to fatigue failure from vibration than other tools. Rotary blades tend to be harder, stronger, and less frictional than the blades they are cutting, so they are the least likely to fail. A tool that is not sharp enough will add pressure to the area it is cutting, which can lead to jagged edges as the material gathers and releases, deformation such as stretching or tearing around the cut, or even pushing the material out of its fixture.

 Universal Cutting Tool

Universal Cutting Tool     

Let us have a look at the CNC Knife Cutting Tools.

Universal Cutting Tool – UCT

IECHO UCT can perfectly cut materials with a thickness of up to 5mm. Compared to other cutting tools, UCT is the most cost-effective one that allows for the fastest cutting speed and lowest maintenance cost. The protective sleeve equipped with a spring ensures cutting accuracy.


Cost-effective; The fastest cutting speed



PP paper

Reflective materials

Vinyl sticker


Electrical Oscillating Tool

 Electrical Oscillating Tool

Electric Oscillating Tool – EOT


The Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting material of medium density. Coordinated with various kinds of blades, IECHO EOT is applied for cutting different materials and is able to cut 2mm arc.


Can cut 2mm arc

Very high processing speeds

With a variety of blades

Suitable for cutting medium density materials



Sandwich board

Honeycomb materials,

Vertical corrugated board

Thick cardboard


 Pneumatic Oscillating Tool

Pneumatic Oscillating Tool

Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - POT

POT was driven by compressed air, IECHO POT with 8mm stroke, is especially for cutting hard and compact materials. Equipped with different kinds of blades, the POT can make different process effect. The tool can cut the material up to 110mm by using specialized blades.


8 mm stroke

110mm cutting thickness





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