How To Choose The Perfect Cutting Table?

Dec. 10, 2021

Sign, display, and packaging manufacturers are faced with an increasing number of short runs. To complete these small-run, customized projects, digital cutting tables are the answer to this trend. But what kind of digital cutting machine do you need? Ask yourself these 4 questions ......


What do you produce and what do I produce?

The type of work you produce is crucial in determining which table is best for you. Folding cassette converters have different needs to those of a copy shop. Do you need a lettering machine that can run the same job 24/7? Or do you need a machine that allows you to quickly switch jobs multiple times a day?   

PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System 

 PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

What materials do I use?

Whether you are cutting blank material or printed material, your CAM plotter must handle the widest range of materials. In addition to the type of tool, a quick and smooth tool change is equally important. The most advanced cutting tables "know" what tools they are using. They eliminate possible cutting errors by measuring the thickness of the material.


Does size matter?

Do you offer wide format printing or do you focus on narrow format media? Single sheets or rolls, or both? Digital cutting machines are available in a variety of sizes, one for each application.


How fast is my digital press?

Are you cutting printed materials and do you have a high-end digital press with impressive capacity? Make sure your digital cutter can keep up with its speed and that it doesn't become a bottleneck in your production. The performance of a cutting table depends on the complexity of the design to be completed.

Applications of IECHO PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

Applications of IECHO PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System         

Make sure your digital cutting machine can keep up with the speed of a high-end digital press. Cutting table throughput includes the number of jobs per day, complexity, the average number of sheets per job, and set-up time per job.

Wire cutting speed is just one of the factors to consider, and it is important to compare it with real throughput. The throughput of a cutting table is made up of the number of jobs per day, the average number of sheets per job, and the set-up time for each job. Cutting tables can be equipped with automatic feeders for feeding sheet material into the cutting table, as well as roll feeders for feeding rolls into the cutting table, and/or with automatic output stackers for stacking finished products.


PK automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with a variety of tools, it can quickly and precisely make through cutting, half cutting, creasing, and marking. It is suitable for sample making and short-run customized production for the Signs, Printing, and Packaging industries. It is a piece of cost-effective smart equipment that meets all your creative processing.


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