How to Cut Plastic PVC Sheet?

Dec. 21, 2022

Do you know the best way to cut plastic PVC sheets? The article will tell you. As we all know, PVC sheet is relatively hard, it is difficult to cut PVC sheet with ordinary cutters, in fact, two factors should be considered when cutting PVC sheet, cutting thickness and cutting shape, therefore, the manufacturer of PVC sheet cutting machine will introduce three methods of cutting PVC sheet.


* Plastic PVC sheet cutting by the PVC sheet cutting machine

PVC sheet cutting machine with what tool to cut PVC sheet depends on the thickness of the PVC sheet, general PVC sheet thin sheet with warp and woof PVC sheet cutting machine vibration knife and non-vibration knife can meet. Thick PVC sheets can be met with PVC sheet cutting machines with milling knives, you can cut any rigid material and any shape with PVC sheet cutting machines. Cutting thickness up to 20mm, fast, high precision, PVC sheet cutting edge smooth, no burn, no yellow, no more worry about the environment, suitable for fine processing, popular with manufacturers.

 Application of SC High Speed Large Format Static Cutting System

*Laser cutting machine for cutting plastic PVC sheets

The laser cutting machine is one of the manufacturer's widely used cutting machines, similar to PVC sheet cutting machine, fast, high precision, but its cutting process will produce odour and coking phenomenon, so not suitable for PVC sheet cutting machine environmental protection environment.


* Plastic PVC sheet cut by abrasive wheel cutting machine

The abrasive wheel cutting machine is suitable for individual processing and is a non-finishing machine, as the cutting process produces a large amount of debris and the cutting edges of the PVC sheet are not too smooth, so it is suitable for rough processing. In contrast to PVC sheet cutting machines, abrasive wheel cutting machines require the shape to be cut to be drawn on the PVC sheet before cutting.


High Speed Large Format Cutting System

According to the above three methods of cutting PVC sheet introduction, the efficiency of using a PVC sheet cutting machine to cut PVC is the best, cutting efficiency and product quality are very good, it is easy to be accepted by customers, if you just encounter the problem of cutting PVC sheet, you can try PVC sheet cutting machine to cut PVC sheet.


 IECHO has developed SC high-speed large format cutting system to cut single-ply and few-ply material independently, it adopts an advanced control system, which is with high cutting speed, high precision, and strong stability. The system is easy to operate and can cut some soft materials, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, PVC, ETFE, PTFE, HYPALON, oxford cloth, leather automatically with high speed (without making sampling, drawing lines,s and cutting dies).


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IECHO is a global intelligent cutting solution supplier for the non-metal industry. It provides cutting machine and digital cutting machine for a wide range of applications.

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