IECHO confirms participation in FESPA

Jul. 14, 2021

The outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020 led to the cancellation of exhibitions around the world, since 2019 IECHO was not able to participate in a foreign exhibition, an exhibition was constantly postponed and cancelled, after a long wait, FESPA was announced to be held as scheduled in 2021, 10.12-15, after nearly two years IECHO was finally able to participate in an international exhibition like FESPA.

IECHO confirms participation in FESPA

FESPA is the Federation of European Screen Printers Associations, which has been organizing exhibitions for more than 50 years, since 1963. The rapid growth of the digital printing industry and the rise of the related advertising and imaging market has prompted producers in the industry to showcase their goods and services on the world stage, and to be able to attract new technologies from it. This is why FESPA is hosting a major exhibition for the industry in the European region. The industry covers a wide range of sectors, including digital printing, signage, imaging, screen printing, textiles and more.

IECHO confirms participation in FESPA

FESPA is a European touring exhibition, currently the most influential and largest advertising exhibition in Europe, the main exhibition countries are Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. FESPA in addition to the European exhibition is currently in Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, China every year, the exhibition influence covers the world. Due to the professionalism of FESPA and the large scale of market promotion, FESPA attracts more professional exhibitors and visitors, which largely improves the effect of the exhibition.

IECHO confirms participation in FESPA

IECHO will bring more than ten models of PK, BK3, BK4, TK4S and VK, including PK 0604, 0705, 1209, BK3 2517 (350W cutter), BK4 1312, 2516 (450W cutter), TK4S 2516, 2551 (1.8KW cutter), etc.

IECHO confirms participation in FESPA

Due to the limited text space, we focus on the PK 1209 and VK, the two new machines. IECHO PK1209 has a footprint of 3200mm*1500mm*1150mm and a cutting area of 1200mm*900, which is a great increase compared to the previous model and is able to cut A0 paper size material, and we have also improved the performance of the machine by increasing the thickness of the cut material from the original 6mm to the current 10mm, which greatly broadens the range of use of the machine.

IECHO confirms participation in FESPA

VK is an intelligent processing machine for the advertising inkjet/wallpaper industry. VK automatic cutting machine is used to process square single data. The machine's built-in scanning edge alignment system can automatically correct the cutting position and continuously cut.

VK automatic cutting machine is suitable for cutting the following materials:


  • Cowhide Leather Cord

  • PP paper

  • Coated PP paper

  • PU composite material

  • Aluminum foil coated fiberglass fabric

  • Canvas, canvas bags and rolls up to 1.5 mm

IECHO confirms participation in FESPA

The exhibition is located at the RAI International Exhibition and Congress Centre in Amsterdam. We welcome you to visit us at Hall 1, Booth E170 from 10.12-15 for machine demonstrations, and we are looking forward to seeing you there.

IECHO confirms participation in FESPA



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