IECHO GLSC at CAME Exhibition

Apr. 26, 2021

Changshu is an important garment industry base in the country, and one of the three hundred billion-level textile and garment bases in Jiangsu Province. It has formed a complete industrial chain in the field of garment production. As international trade shows a slowing trend, the pressure on the domestic and foreign markets of China's clothing industry has increased, and the cost of clothing manufacturing has increased year by year. As an important part of Jiangsu's manufacturing industry, the apparel manufacturing industry urgently needs structural adjustment and pragmatic innovation, accelerate the conversion of growth momentum, and transform and upgrade to smart apparel manufacturing.

IECHO GLSC at CAME Exhibition

As China's clothing and sewing equipment industries are in a critical stage of transition and upgrading, the "Changshu International Textile and Apparel Intelligent Manufacturing Expo" will be held in Changshu every spring. With the theme of "Empowering and Upgrading, Intelligently Creating the Future", we will create a one-stop procurement platform for the textile and apparel supply chain. The content of the exhibition covers five major sectors: automated sewing, knitting machinery, the printing and dyeing industry, textile fabrics, and digital printing. The new technologies and solutions of the factory guide the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry through intelligent manufacturing and create technological exchanges, industrial chain docking and procurement opportunities for textile and garment enterprises.

IECHO GLSC at CAME Exhibition

In this exhibition we exhibited the new GLSC, which has a new vacuum chamber design,the structural rigidity of the cavity is greatly improved, and the overall deformation under the pressure of 35 kPa is ≤0.1mm.The cavity ventilation airway is optimized, and the suction force can be adjusted quickly and intelligently during the cutting process, without the need for secondary coating. The footprint of the machine has been reduced by 20 to 30%, and the small size means that the energy consumption is small. Compared with the large-scale machine, the maintenance cost will be much lower.

IECHO GLSC at CAME Exhibition

Fully automatic continuous cutting function

The overall cutting efficiency is increased by more than30%

Automatically senses and synchronizes the feeding back-blowing function. No human intervention is required during cutting and feeding.

The super-long pattern can be seamlessly cutting and processing.

Automatically adjust the pressure, feeding with pressure.

 IECHO GLSC at CAME Exhibition

New intelligent sharpening system


Swiss imported high-speed sharpening motor can automatically adjust the number of sharpening revolutions according to cutting requirements, making the blade sharper and more durable.

Three different sharpening media can meet the sharpening needs of different fabrics.

Quickly change the sharpening media.

The sharpening angle and pressure can be customized at any time according to the characteristics of the fabric and the cutting needs.

Early warning for replacement of sharpening media.

GLSC Product Parameters



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