The Advantages of Digital Cutting Systems

Mar. 23, 2021

Application of Fully Automatic Multi-Layer Cutting System

After more than 20 years of development in cutting technology, IECHO is now the leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems in China. iECHO offers integrated solutions for a wide range of industries including signs and graphics, packaging, textiles, leather, furniture, automotive and composites, etc. IECHO products are well received by customers from more than 100 countries/regions for their excellent quality and outstanding performance. Our sales and service professionals will first understand your needs, assess your business requirements and propose the best automation solution. Here are six important benefits that will directly impact your profits and accelerate your return on investment in automation technology.

1. Increased efficiency

Automated cutting can reduce the floor space required by 20 to 50 per cent compared to manual cutting operations. In addition, most cutting systems can cut 24 hours a day. By operating in multiple shifts, cutting room efficiency is greatly improved.

The Electrical Oscillating Tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density. Coordinated with various kinds of blades, IECHO EOT is applied for cutting different materials and is able to cut 2mm arc.

2. Cost reduction

In garment manufacturing, fabric accounts for 50% of the cost of garments. Users who move from manual to automated cutting can typically save 1% on material. Over the course of a year, for some manufacturers, this can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. Reduced labour requirements

Labour is a major factor when considering a move to automated cutting. Manual cutting is a disappearing skill. Training individuals is a long-term endeavour. For example, it can take up to two years for a person to become proficient at cutting parts for intimate wear and tear. With automatic cutting systems, users can learn to cut parts in a matter of hours, regardless of their level of experience.

4. Speeds up the sewing process.

Automated cutting machine will always produce more cut parts and more precisely cut parts than the most skilled manual cutters. the IECHO range of cutting systems is designed to cut the perfect notch in the right place every time. This precision flows downstream to the sewing room where sewing machine operators can sew faster and more accurately because they can find every notch needed that is exactly where it should be without having to compensate for cutting mismatched or mismatched parts. Excessive or insufficient seam allowance.

Fully Automatic Multi-Layer Cutting System

5. Fully automatic multi-layer cutting systems

The GLS fully automatic multi-layer cutting system offers the best solution for mass production in the textile, furniture, automotive interior, luggage and outdoor industries. the GLS is equipped with the IECHO high-speed electronic oscillating tool (EOT) for high-speed, high-precision and intelligent cutting of soft materials. the IECHO CUTSERVER cloud control centre with its powerful data conversion module ensures that the GLS is compatible with mainstream CAD software on the market.

6. Improving the cutting process

Workflow problems are not always easy to detect and correct. iECHO helps managers quickly identify ways to streamline their workflow by providing important, easy-to-understand metrics. Get one-click reports detailing total cutting time versus idle time, the time between jobs, total units cut and more. And, IECHO makes it easy for operators to access detailed information about each cutting job, including the number of parts cut and the cutting time for each job.




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