The Benefits of Using Digital Cutting Machines

Jan. 05, 2023

Advances in technology have led to a rapid rise in demand for digital cutting machines. In terms of its fair share, this machine is a saviour for the user! The fundamental reason for this is that if the user has this machine; they can use it in combination with other digital cutters or printers and thus run a completely different business. By doing so, they will start a new league of their own.

What is Digital Cutting Machine?

A combination of required knives and bits along with a working mat table constitutes a digital cutting machine. This versatile cutting machine is chiefly designed and used for high-precision cutting of flexible, higher, and semi-rigid materials.


As explained this high precision digital cutting machine is decked with a variety of tools, knife, and blades. The path of the tool is configured due to which the blade of this cutting machine moves on the surface of the material. Further, the user in this cutting machine can adjust the required tool and the material for cutting.



The Benefits of Using digital cutting machines

1. Cutting surface.

The digital cutting machine is the cutting machine of any user's dreams. Equipped with a highly stable, perfectly constructed aluminium composite, the machine is perfect for operators, so they can deliver perfectly cut products.


2. Material pressing.

To get the most out of any cutting machine, the user needs to ensure that the material is pressed correctly onto the mat table. By doing this, the user can ensure that the material is tightly stretched so that the cutter works efficiently.


This is why the digital cutter is ideal for operators. The machine is equipped with a cutting surface which is divided into individually controllable vacuum zones. The infinitely variable vacuum turbine ensures that the user has the material firmly in place during the process.

PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System 

 PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System


3. Designed for speed.

Without speed, the tool is nothing. Speed is needed to make the product ready for delivery on the due date. And, with this in mind, the manufacturer has designed a digital cutter that is second to none in terms of speed.


The digital cutter's superior productivity comes from its precision-based drive system, intelligent motion-based control system and cutting technology that is fine-tuned for optimum results.

4. Work efficiency.

Digital cutters offer a whole new experience for the user. These machines have the ability to produce and load/unload material at exactly the same time. In addition, the manufacturer and designer have planned the machine in such a way as to provide green LEDs. The green LED signals to the user which areas are safe to use at a given time.


IECHO Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

5. Projection systems.

Operators need a system in which they can supervise the process and understand the nuances of how the material is processed under the cutter.


The projection system of the digital cutting machine therefore intuitively supports the user in overseeing every stage of production, i.e. from set-up and automatic or interactive nesting, to the picking up and sorting of the cut parts.


6. Reliable and precise.

From the drive system to the blade, the components of the digital cutting machine are perfectly implanted to provide the operator with excellent performance. With this set-up, users can complete their orders efficiently and quickly. This therefore also enables them to convince their customers with results that are nothing short of perfection.


If you are looking for the perfect automatic intelligent cutting systems, check out IECHO Digital Cutting Systems and visit welcome to contact us today or request a quote. 



IECHO is a global intelligent cutting solution supplier for the non-metal industry. It provides cutting machine and digital cutting machine for a wide range of applications.

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