The Difference Between Manual And Automatic Cutting

Feb. 27, 2023

In garment processing and production, manual cutting and automatic cutting bed are commonly used cutting methods in garment enterprises. With the continuous development of science and technology, the degree of automation in all walks of life has been significantly improved, and automatic cutting bed equipment has been widely used in clothing textiles. So what is the difference between manual cutting and automatic cutting machine in processing and production?

The difference between manual and automatic cutting

In the process of manual cutting, every detail needs to be carefully controlled to ensure the quality of each piece, which puts high demands on the skills of the cutter:

1. Spreading

  (1). The number of spreading layers is accurate and the spreading should be smooth;

  (2). The length of the spread should be accurate to ensure no tension spread;

  (3). The striped fabric is aligned with the main strips of the upper and lower layers when spreading the cloth;

  (4). For patterned fabrics, ensure that the upper and lower layers of the pattern are aligned.

The difference between manual and automatic cutting


(1). The cutting piece must be accurate, and the straight and horizontal lines, radians, and curves of each side of the cutting piece must be consistent with the model;

(2). The cutting pieces are neat, and the cross-section of the whole stack of cutting pieces should be vertical, not skewed;

(3). The eye cutter and drilling are accurate. The position and depth of the eye knife must be accurate.

It can be seen from the above two points that the cutter must be proficient in the use of various cutting machines and follow the correct operation methods to ensure the accuracy of cutting.

Using the computer automatic cutting system, the operator completely omits all the technical points that must be mastered in the traditional manual cutting process, so that the whole cutting process can be completed in one go.

The difference between manual and automatic cutting

Advantages of IECHO automatic cutting machine:

1. Vacuum adsorption function

Vacuum adsorption function avoids fabric misalignment

2.Cutting speed optimization function

According to different cutting conditions, the cutting speed can be automatically adjusted to improve the cutting efficiency while ensuring the quality of the pieces.

3.Smart line merge function

Further improve cutting quality and cutting efficiency.

4.Tool cooling function

Reduce the adhesion of special fabrics in the cutting process.

5.Punching device

The difference between manual and automatic cutting

Three kinds of punching processing of different specifications can be completed at one time.

The automatic cutting machine can easily adapt to different production modes, mass production, diversified production and small batch production, can significantly reduce time to market and material consumption, optimize each production stage to provide the best profitability.



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