The Gasket Industry Gathering - CIME

Jun. 22, 2021

2021 Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Exhibition is held on June 18-20, 2021 in Shanghai Mart Exhibition Hall, this exhibition covers a number of industry important fields, including robotics, industrial control automation, industrial control core components and motion control, machine vision, laser technology and equipment, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, etc.; for China's rapidly growing and increasingly sophisticated It is an ideal trading platform to explore the huge Chinese market. At that time, the world's leading technology manufacturing enterprises and buyers and professional visitors from many countries and regions around the world will gather here to jointly study and discuss the development of the industry.

The Gasket Industry Gathering - CIME

The manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, is the foundation of the country, the instrument of the country, the foundation of a strong country. In recent years, the new round of technological revolution marked by digitalization, networking and intelligent manufacturing has become an important force to promote the upgrading of manufacturing industry. Developed countries have formulated the "re-industrialization" strategy with the core of revitalizing the manufacturing industry, the United States released the "Advanced Manufacturing Partnership", Germany released "Industry 4.0", the United Kingdom released "Made in Britain 2050", etc., to reconstruct the production model and organization, and reshape the new pattern of global manufacturing development.

The Gasket Industry Gathering - CIME

Gaskets are mainly used in the chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, power station and other industries for sealing to prevent leakage. IECHO brings BK4 and TK4S this time. Both machines are equipped with silent cover, which greatly reduces the noise generated by the machine when cutting hard materials. The precise and efficient gears within the machine provide the speed, durability and power required for high density materials. The system provides excellent dynamic repeatability under heavy duty operating conditions.

The Gasket Industry Gathering - CIME

IECHO Automatic Nesting System can help companies to achieve full automation of scheduling in sample accounting and production cutting. The system can automatically generate the optimized nesting chart on the computer according to the parameters set by the customer, such as the material width, the number of samples to be nested, and the nesting time.

The Gasket Industry Gathering - CIME

The cost of die cutting machine tooling is relatively high, and the tooling is prone to burrs with long-term use. There are great restrictions on the cutting size, large gaskets over 600 mm cannot be cut, and the gaskets cannot be perforated, and customers mostly use them for cutting scrap, while IECHO cutting machine will not have size restrictions and will cut automatically.

The Gasket Industry Gathering - CIME

With rich professional experience in the manufacturing industry and leading technology combination, IECHO has been providing standardized and customizable intelligent cutting solutions for enterprises of different scales and different technical bases. IECHO Technology's new digital cutting system integrates three advantages of high precision, high speed and high quality with diversified tool and head module combinations to provide a more intelligent and efficient production and processing platform for cutting in the gasket industry.

The Gasket Industry Gathering - CIME



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