What Is an Automatic Intelligent Cutting System?

Sep. 06, 2022

Whether you have a hobby, are starting a business, or want to make your current operation more efficient, you need a cutting system.

It's easy to choose a different approach, a cheaper option, or even go for something less advanced - especially if you're just starting out. But sometimes you need to envisage where you see yourself going and buy the tools to make it happen.

In this case, you need to choose an automatic intelligent cutting system to help you grow your business.

PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System 

 PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

What is an automatic intelligent cutting system?

As a specialized machine, the Automated Intelligent Cutting System can help you advance your hobby or business by providing solutions for the following industries

Signs and graphics



Leather industry


Automotive and synthetics

And that's just to name a few.

High-resolution cameras use precise skills to make full cuts, Kiss Cuts, and creases and use oscillating knives to cut materials up to 0.24" thick and otherwise create exactly what you need. With the ability to cut at high speeds and use a variety of materials, you can start to streamline your business.

Used in industrial environments for many years, the newer models are designed for use in smaller environments. This means that small and large businesses alike have access to tools that allow them to increase production - and improve their bottom line.

Kiss Cut Tool-KCT

2. Easy to Use

Today's automatic intelligent cutting systems are designed to be user-friendly. They are easy to manage, even with only one button to get started. Clear details on a touchscreen display also make this machine easy to handle. 

3. Streamline Your Business

Running a business means that your attention needs to be in more places than one. If you want to streamline your business, then you need to have automatic processes going that you don’t have to manually handle. 

Intelligent cutting systems like IECHO offer you this fully automatic cutting. You can focus your attention elsewhere while your business keeps moving forward. This smooth forward movement without any need for action on your part is exactly why streamlining is crucial for business success. 

IECHO Automatic Intelligent Cutting System

4. High Accuracy to Meet Different Needs

What you create is a representation of your business. It needs to look good and be of high quality. Using a high-resolution camera for precise alignment and suspension suction cups to grasp the material as it cuts, accuracy is something you will not have to worry about. 

Every design, every cut, every crease -- will be exactly where and how it is supposed to be. 

5. No Longer Just for Industrialized Settings

The cutting systems of years ago were used in highly industrialized settings and required a massive amount of space. Even certain electrical outlets were required to power them. Now, though, times are changing. 

With IECHO automatic intelligent cutting systems, the size is more compact and only requires a regular household power supply of 220V. As a result, more offices, advertising agencies, and print shops. Even small businesses that run out of homes can take advantage of the small workspace required for this intelligent cutting system.

If you are looking for the perfect automatic intelligent cutting systems, check out IECHO Digital Cutting Systems and visit https://www.iechocutter.com welcome to contact us today or request a quote. 



IECHO is a global intelligent cutting solution supplier for the non-metal industry. It provides cutting machine and digital cutting machine for a wide range of applications.

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