Which Digital Cutting Table Is Best For Your Business?

Nov. 30, 2021

If you run a business that relies heavily on producing large quantities of printed marketing materials, from basic business cards, brochures and flyers all the way through to more complex signage and marketing displays, you're probably already well aware of the cutting process for the printing equation. 

For example, you may be fully accustomed to seeing your company's printed materials come off the press looking a little 'off' in terms of size. In this case, you need to cut or trim these materials to the required size - but what machine should you use to do this? 

What is a digital cutting table? 

As the words in Digital Printer magazine say that "cutting is probably the most common finishing operation", it probably shouldn't surprise you that a market has opened up for specialist machines that can be particularly effective and stylish at doing the job in an unrestricted way. 

Digital Cutting Machine

BK Series Digital Cutting Machine

This is particularly unsurprising when you consider the many different ways in which printed marketing materials may need to be cut. Wide-format graphics such as decals and signs may need to be cut in some complex way before they are ready to be shipped, while graphics such as tickets and vouchers will need to be perforated - a partial cut. 

Naturally, digital cutting machines have been introduced in many different models and configurations to suit. However, this wide variety does pose a problem for business owners who need a digital cutting table: which one should you choose? The answer depends on your specific cutting requirements. 

What material will you use? 

No matter how loose or strict your printing obligations are, you should choose a digital cutting table that can manage as many different materials as possible. You can source such versatile machines from well-known brands in the printing equipment sector - such as the IECHO BK series digital cutting machine.

Applications of BK Series Digital Cutting Machine

Applications of BK Series Digital Cutting Machine

BK series digital cutting machine is an intelligent digital cutting system, developed for sample cutting in packaging and printing industries, and for short-run customization production. Equipped with the most advanced 6-axis high-speed motion control system, it can make full-cutting, half-cutting, creasing, V-cutting, punching, marking, engraving, and milling fast and precisely. All the cutting demands can be done with only one machine. 

IECHO Cutting system can assist customers to process precise, novel, unique and high-quality products more quickly and easily in a limited time and space. Types of processing materials: cardboard, gray board, corrugated board, honeycomb board, twin-wall sheet, PVC, EVA, EPE, rubber, etc.

How big do your print marketing materials need to be? 

Only you can answer this question - and determine whether you need to print on wide or narrow media and on sheets or rolls - or both sheets and rolls. Fortunately, digital cutting tables are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to find the right one for whatever application you have in mind. 

Making the most of the cutting table's digital components  

A particularly strong advantage of choosing a digital cutting table is the ability to use software that can streamline your workflow. The right pre-production software that integrates seamlessly with your table can help you eliminate errors and reduce waste. Taking the time to decide on the right digital cutting table settings for you can help you save time on cutting. 

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