Clothing cutting machine,have you chosen the right?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the clothing industry, the use of clothing cutting machines has become more and more common. However, there are several problems in this industry in the production that make the manufacturers  a headache.For example: plaid shirt, uneven texture cutting? The corners are seriously waste? Low production efficiency during peak season? Poor cutting accuracy and deformed clothing style? Low production efficiency and difficult recruitment?


The accuracy and stability of the cutting machine are one of the focus of attention in the clothing industry. Costume manufacturing requires highly accurate cutting to ensure that the cutting fabric can accurately fit together. If the accuracy of the cutting machine is not high enough, the size of the fabric will be inaccurate, which will affect the subsequent cutting and sewing process,and even lead to substandard product quality.

Secondly, the efficiency and production capacity of the cutting machine are another pain point. The clothing industry usually faces a large number of orders and needs to complete a large amount of fabric cutting in a short time. If the efficiency of the cutting machine is low, it will not meet the production needs, which will cause the production cycle to be extended, the order cannot be delivered in time, affecting the reputation and market competitiveness of the company.

In addition, the convenience and intelligence of the cutting machine are also concerned about the clothing industry. With the development of technology, the clothing industry expects to use more intelligent cutting machine to simplify the operation process and improve the work efficiency of employees. At the same time, for some technologies with high cutting techniques, it is hoped that the cutting machine can provide corresponding auxiliary functions and cutting plans to improve production flexibility and diversity.

In summary, these problems not only affect production efficiency, but also greatly waste resources and cause significant losses to the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, when selecting the cutting machine,the clothing industry needs to consider factors such as accuracy, stability, efficiency, production capacity, operational convenience, and intelligence when selecting cutting machines. So choosing an efficient and accurate cutting machine is urgent.Only by selecting appropriate cutting machines can we meet the needs of clothing manufacturing, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality.

The IECHO GF series ultra high speed multi-ply cutting machine has the latest cutting motion control system, which enables cutting while walking and zero gap cutting, meeting high-precision cutting efficiency, while significantly improving material utilization and reducing material costs. It matches dynamic intelligent tool to achieve precise cutting. High frequency oscillating tool, with a maximum rotating speed can reach 6000 rpm. The maximum cutting speed is 60m/min, and the maximum cutting height is 90mm, ensuring its cutting speed while meeting the cutting accuracy.

Choosing the right cutting machine is the key to improving production efficiency. Have you chosen the right one?

Post time: Oct-26-2023
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