Application and cutting techniques of high-density sponge

High-density sponge is highly popular in modern life due to its unique performance and wide range of applications.The special sponge material with its elasticity, durability and stability, brings unprecedented comfortable experience.


Widespread application and performance of high-density sponge

High-density sponge is used in furniture products such as mattresses, sofa and seat cushions. With its high elasticity and excellent support, it perfectly fits human curve, providing users with a comfortable sleep and rest. Even after long-term use, high-density sponge can maintain their original shape and performance, not easily deformed or collapsed and not replace frequently.

In addition, high-density sponge is widely used in various display stands and shelves. Its stable support and good loading gravity provides a safe display platform for the display to ensure that the exhibits always maintain the best state during the display process.


The cutting techniques of high -density sponge:

Although high-density sponges have many advantages, some techniques need to be paid attention to during the cutting process.

Due to the large thickness and high density of the material, choosing a suitable cutting machine is particularly crucial. It is necessary to ensure that the cutting machine has a high cutting beam  to cope with material thickness.


BK3 High Speed Digital Cutting System

Choosing a suitable cutting tool is essential for improving production efficiency, ensuring the quality of processing and reducing costs.


When the circular sample with a small diameter, you need to adjust the tool parameters a few times to cope with the hardness of the material to ensure that the upper and lower circles are consistent during the cutting process.

In addition, due to its high density, materials are prone to deviation during the cutting process. Therefore, the air pump is needed to increase the adsorption force of the material to ensure the stability and accuracy of the cutting process.

By mastering these techniques, it is possible to ensure that high-density sponges maintain the best performance during cutting, laying a solid foundation for subsequent processing and use.

Post time: Jun-28-2024
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