Carbon Fiber Prepreg Cutting with BK4 & Customer’s Visiting

Recently, an client visited IECHO and showcased the cutting effect of small-sized carbon fiber prepreg and V-CUT effect display of acoustic panel.

1.Cutting process of carbon fiber prepreg

The marketing colleagues from IECHO first showed the cutting process of carbon fiber prepreg using BK4 machine and UCT tool.During the cutting process, the customer was affirmed by the speed of BK4.Cutting patterns include regular shapes such as circles and triangles, as well as irregular shapes such as curves.After the cutting was completed, the customer personally measured the deviation with a ruler, and the accuracy was all less than 0.1mm. Customers have expressed great appreciation on this and gave high praise to the cutting accuracy, cutting speed, and software application of the IECHO machine.


2.Display of V-cut process for acoustic panel

After that, IECHO’s marketing colleagues led the customer to use TK4S machines with EOT and V-CUT tools to show the cutting process of acoustic panel.The thickness of the material is 16 mm, but the finished product¬†has no defects. The customer highly praised the level and service of IECHO machines, cutting tools, and technology.


3.Visit the IECHO factory

Finally, IECHO sales took customer to visit the factory and workshop. The customer was very satisfied with the production scale and complete production line of IECHO.

Throughout the process, IECHO’s sales and marketing colleagues have always maintained a professional and enthusiastic attitude and provided customer with detailed explanations of each step of machine operation and purpose,as well as how to choose suitable cutting tools based on different materials.This not only showed IECHO’s technical strength, but also showed the attention of customer service.


The customer has expressed high recognition for IECHO’s production capacity, scale, technical level, and service.They said that this visiting has given them a deeper understanding of IECHO and also made them confident in the future cooperation between the two parties.We look forward to jointly promoting progress in the field of industrial cutting between both sides. At the same time, IECHO will continue to work hard to provide higher quality products and services to meet the needs of customers.

Post time: May-10-2024
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