Does the machine always meet X eccentric distance and Y eccentric distance?How to adjust ?

What is X eccentric distance and Y eccentric distance?

What we mean by eccentricity is the deviation between the center of the blade tip and the cutting tool.

When the cutting tool is placed in the cutting head the position of the blade tip needs to overlap with the center of cutting tool .If there is a deviation, this is the eccentric distance.

Tool eccentric distance can be divided into X and Y eccentric distance.When we look at the top view of the cutting head, we refer to the direction between the blade and the back of the blade as the X-axis and the direction of the perpendicular X-axis centered on the tip of the blade is called the y-axis.


When the deviation of the blade tip occurs on the X-axis, it is called X eccentric distance.When the deviation of the blade tip occurs on the Y-axis, it is called Y eccentric distance.


When Y eccentric distance occurs, there will be different cut sizes in different cutting directions.

Some samples may even have a issue of cutting line where the connection is not cut off.When there is X eccentric distance, the actual cutting path will change.

How to adjust ?

When cutting materials, do you meet situations that the different cut sizes in different cutting directions, or some samples may even have a issue of cutting line where the connection is not cut off.Even after CCD cutting, some cutting pieces may have white edges.This situation is due to the issue of Y eccentric distance.How do we know if the Y eccentric distance? How to measure it?


Firstly, we should open the IBrightCut and find the CCD test graphic,and then set this pattern as the cutting tool you need to test for cutting.we can use non -cut paper for material testing.Then we can send data to cut. We can see that the test data is a cross -shaped cutting line, and each line segment being cut twice from different directions.The way we judge the Y eccentric distance is to check if the line of the two cuts overlap. If they do, it indicates that the Y-axis is not eccentric.And if not, it means that there is eccentricity in the Y-axis.And this eccentricity value is half the distance between the two cutting lines.


The open the CutterServer and fill in the measured value into the Y eccentric distance parameter and then the CutterServer and fill in the measured value into the Y eccentric distance parameter and then test.Firstly, to observe the test pattern cutting effect in the face of cutting head. You can see that there are two lines, one is in our left hand and the other is in the right hand.We call the line that cuts from front to back is called line A , and on the contrary, it is called line B.When line A is on the left side, the value is negative, vice versa.When filling in the eccentric value, it should be noted that this value is usually not very large, we only need to fine -tune.

Then re -cut the test and the two lines can be perfectly overlap, indicating that the eccentric has been eliminated.At this time, we can find there will not appear situations that different cut sizes in different cutting directions and the issue of cutting line where the connection is not cut off.


The X eccentric distance adjustment:

When the X -axis is eccentric, the position of the actual cutting lines will change.For example, when we tried to cut a circular pattern, we got an alien graphics.Or when we try to cut a square, the four lines cannot be completely closed.How do we know if the X eccentric distance? How much adjustment is needed?


Firstly,we conduct a test data in IBrightCut, draw two lines of the same size, and draw a external direction line on the same side of the two lines as the reference line, and then send the cutting test.If one of the two cutting lines exceeds or does not reach the reference line, it indicates that the X axis is eccentric.The X eccentric distance value also has positive and negative, which is based on the reference line of the Y direction. If the line A is exceeded, the X-axis eccentricity is positive; if line B exceeds, the X-axis eccentricity is negative,The parameter that needs to be adjusted is to the distance of the measured line exceeds or does not reach the reference line.


Open the Cutterserver,find the current test tool icon, right-click and find the X eccentric distance in the parameter settings column.After adjusting, perform the cutting test again. When the landing points on the same side of both lines can be perfectly connected to the reference line, it indicates that the X eccentric distance has been adjusted.It should be noted that many people believe that this situation is caused by overcut, which is incorrect. In fact, it is caused by the X eccentric distance.Finally, we can test again and the actual pattern after cutting is consistent with the input cutting data, and there will be no errors in cutting graphics.


Post time: Jun-28-2024
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