Entering the daily packaging and shipping site of IECHO

The construction and development of modern logistics networks make the process of packaging and delivery more convenient and efficient. However, in actual operation, there are still some problems that need to pay attention and solve. For example, no suitable packaging materials are selected, the appropriate packaging method is not used, and no clear packaging labels will cause the machine to damage, impact, and moisture.

Today, I will share with you the daily packaging machines and delivery processes of IECHO and take you into the scene. IECHO has always been guided by customer needs, and always adheres to quality as the core to provide customers with high -quality products.


According to the on-site packaging personnel, “Our packaging process will strictly follow the order requirements, and we will package machine parts and accessory in batches in the form of an assembly line. Each part and accessory will be individually wrapped with bubble wrap, and we will also place tin foil on the bottom of the wooden box to prevent moisture. Our outer wooden boxes are thickened and reinforced, and most customers receive our machines Intact” According to the packaging on-site personnel, the characteristics of IECHO packaging can be summarized as follows:

1.Each order is strictly inspected by a specialized personnel, and items are classified and counted to ensure that the model and quantity in the order are correct and accurate.

2.In order to ensure the safe transportation of the machine, IECHO use thickened wooden boxes  for packaging, and the thick beams will be placed in the box to prevent the machine from being strongly impacted during transportation and damage. Improve pressure and stability.

3.Each machine part and component will be packed with a bubble film to prevent damage by impact.

4.Add tin foil to the bottom of the wooden box to prevent humidity.

5.Attach clear and distinct packaging labels, correctly the weight, size, and the product information of the packaging, for easy identification and handling by couriers or logistics personnel.


Next is the delivery process. The packaging and handling of the delivery ring is intertwined:”IECHO has a sufficiently large factory workshop that provides enough space for packaging and handling. We will transport the packaged machines to a large outdoor space through a transport truck and the master will take the elevator. The master will classify the packaged machines and place them in order to wait for the driver to arrive and load the goods” according to the on-site supervision personnel.

“The machine packed by the whole machine like PK, even if there is still a lot of space on the car, will not be allowed. In order to prevent the machine from damaging.” The driver said.


Based on the delivery site, it can be summarized as follows:

1.Before preparing to ship, IECHO will take a special check to ensure that it is ensured that the items have been packed properly and fill in related transportation file and documents.

2.Learn a detailed understanding of the regulations and requirements of Maritime Company, such as transportation time and insurance. In addition, we will dispatch a special delivery plan for one day in advance and contact the driver. At the same time, we will communicate with the driver, and we will do further reinforcement when necessary during transportation.

3.When packing and delivery, we will also assign a specialized personnel to supervise the driver’s loading in the factory area, and arrange for large trucks to enter and exit in an orderly manner to ensure that the products can be delivered to customers on time and accurately.

4.When the shipment is large, IECHO also has corresponding measures, make full use of the storage space, and arranges the placement of the goods reasonably to ensure that each batch of goods can be properly protected. At the same time, dedicated personnel maintain close communication with logistics companies, adjust transportation plans in a timely manner to ensure that the goods can be shipped on time.


As a listed technology company, IECHO deeply understands that product quality is crucial to customers, so IECHO never drop the quality control of any link.We take customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal, not only in terms of product quality, but also to give customers the best experience in service. 

IECHO strives to ensure that every customer can receive intact products, always adhering to the principle of “quality first, customer first”, and constantly improves the product quality and service level.



Post time: Dec-16-2023
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