How to avoid the function decline of the Flatbed Cutter

People who frequently use Flatbed Cutter will find that the cutting precision and speed are not as good as before.

So what is the reason for this situation?

It may be long-term improper operation, or it may be that the Flatbed Cutter causes loss in the process of long-term use, and of course, it may be because of improper maintenance to accelerate its function.

So, how should we maximize the reduction of Flatbed Cutter losses?


1.Standardized operation of machine:

Operators need to arrange training, and only after passing the examination can be qualified to operate the machine. Special operation can not only maximize the protection of the Flatbed Cutter, but also avoid safety accidents.


2.Regularly maintain the Flatbed Cutter


Check the general pressure valve and waterlog,Confirm the air pressure whether in the standard range, air pressure valve whether with waterlog.

Check every screw on each cutting head,Confirm all the scews whether in loose condition

Clean the dust on the machine surface、XY rail and the felt surface with air gun and cloth.

Confirm no sundries in the chain slot; no abnormal sound occurs when moving.

Check the movement of X,Y rail direction and confirm no abnormal sound occurs under the low-speed movement before machine cutting.

Clean X,Y rail and add lubricating oil.

Check tools’working condition.Start the machine without cutting the material to check whether the tool is working properly.



Check the original point sensor of X,Y rail and confirm X,Y original sensor point without dust and avoid direct sunlight.

Use air gun to clean sundries and dust.

Comfirm each spindle not in loose condition.

Confirm the connection of each power line.



Clean the inside and outlet/inlet of electrical box and the computer main engine with vaccum cleaner.

Confirm synchronous belt whether lose or abrasive.

Confirm the usage of vulnerable parts of cutting head.

Press on electrical leakage switch and Check the electric leakage switch.

Check the abrasion of felt and repair felt abrasion, avoid seam degumming, which leads to innormal cut.

The above is the specific maintenance method for the IECHO Flatbed Cutter , hoping to help everyone.


Post time: Sep-28-2023
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