How to take the BK4 cutting machine to achieve the use of acrylic materials in furniture?

Have you noticed that people now have higher requirements for home decoration and decoration.In the past, people’s home decoration styles were uniform, but in recent years, with the improvement of everyone’s aesthetic level and the progress of decoration level, people are increasingly pursuing personalized, simple, and generous decoration styles.
Sometimes the space you want to design has a strong visual effect in the final presentation. In addition to relying on professional design techniques, you also need to rely on the innovation and application of some materials to enhance the visual impression and bring new surprises to the space.


Have you ever been familiar with furniture made of acrylic materials?

Acrylic is now very popular in the furniture industry.

How is acrylic used in furniture? Why is it so popular? What are the advantages of its use?


Acrylic, also known as organic glass, is a highly plastic polymer material with a bright and transparent appearance like glass, but not as fragile as glass.On the contrary, acrylic is durable, easy to process, and not fragile. It can integrate various colors to release different visual effects, and can be made into decorations and furniture with different shapes according to different needs.Moreover, the lightweight material can give a certain sense of lightness and flexibility to the space when applied to furniture, and reducing the feeling of heaviness and fatigue.


The reason why acrylic materials are widely used in the furniture industry:

1.The advantages of the terms of material performance,and it can not only be used for decoration, but also for the appearance and local design of various large buildings, and can be made into doors and windows for various transportation vehicles.

2.It can present a diverse range of applications, with a strong sense of design and aesthetics.

3.Strong durability, not easy to break.

With the rise of acrylic in the furniture industry, it immediately drove the acrylic material cutting industry.


So how to achieve perfect cutting of acrylic materials?

Let’s follow the IECHO BK4 cutting machine to bring you a different cutting experience.

The new fourth-generation machine BK4 high-speed digital cutting system, for single layer (few layers) cutting,can work automatically and accurately process like through cut, kiss cut,milling, v groove, creasing, marking, etc.It can be widely used in the industries of automotive interior, advertising, apparel, furniture and composite, etc.BK4 cutting system, with its high precision, flexibility and high efficiency, provides auto-mated cutting solutions to variety of industries.


At the same time, BK4 can match multiple cutting tools, and you can choose any cutting tool according to your cutting requirements. If you want to cut  acrylic materials, you can choose IECHO RZ as the cutting tool.

We can choose the corresponding model of IECHO RZ based on the hardness and material of the composite board we choose, commonly including 350W, 450W, and 1.8KW milling cutters. When we select the cutting tool and download the corresponding cutting file, we can cut any shape of acrylic materials we want.


In addition,IECHO BK4 machine cutting also has INTELLIGENT. IECHOMC Precision Motion Control and the Maximum speed is 1800mm/s .IECHOMC motion control module makes the machine run more intelligently. Different motion strategies can be replaced at will and easily deal with the processing of differentproducts in different industries.And it also has Ultra-high Strength Integrated Frame and has 12mm steel frame with qualified connection technology, the machine body frame weighs 600KG.Strength increased by 30%, reliable and durable.At the same time, it is equipped with Standard configured Soundproof Box and a good cutting environment.

IECHO BK4 cutting machine brings you high-precision, high-speed, and diversified cutting!

Post time: Sep-13-2023
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