IECHO BK3 2517 installed in Spain

The Spanish cardboard box and packaging industry producer Sur-Innopack SL has a strong production capacity and excellent production technology, with more than 480,000 packages per day. Its production quality, technology and speed are recognized. Recently, the company’s purchase of IECHO equipment has further improved production efficiency and brought new opportunities.

Equipment upgrades greatly improve production efficiency.

Sur-innopack SL purchased an IECHO BK32517 cutting machine in 2017, and the introduction of this machine greatly improved the production efficiency. Now, Sur-Innopack SL is able to complete orders within 24-48 hours, thanks to the automatic feeding and CCD functions of the machine, as well as the high production capacity configuration.


Quantitative single growth makes the factory expand and relocate.

With the increase of orders, Sur-Innopack SL decided to expand factories. Recently, the company once again purchased an IECHO BK3 cutting machine and relocated the factory address. This series of operations need to move the old machine, and Sur-Innopack SL is therefore invited to send IECHO to send the after-sales engineer Cliff to the scene to install and move the old machine.

Successfully completed the installation of new machine and the relocation of old machine.

IECHO sent the overseas after -sales manager Cliff. He surveyed the scene and successfully completed the installation work. In the process of moving the machine, he used rich experience and skills to perfectly complete the movement of the old machine. In this regard, the person in charge of Sur-Innopack SL was very happy, and praised the high-quality and excellent productive forces of IECHO machines and the complete after-sales guarantee system, and said that it would establish a long-term cooperative relationship with IECHO.


With the replacement of equipment and the improvement of production technology, the Sur-Innopack SL is expected to usher in more orders. IECHO expects Sur-innopack SL to continue to succeed in future development, and at the same time, IECHO also promises to continue to provide strong support for customers’ production.

Post time: Apr-01-2024
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