IECHO label cutting machine impresses the market and serves as a productivity tool to meet different needs

With the rapid development of the label printing industry, an efficient label cutting machine has become an essential tool for many companies. So in what aspects should we choose a label cutting machine that suits oneself?Let’s take a look at the advantages of choosing IECHO label cutting machine?

1. Manufacturer’s brand and reputation

As a well-known manufacturer with a 30-year history, IECHO has won the trust of customers with excellent quality and reputation. IECHO has various industries with cutting solutions, ensuring the quality of each product with a professional technical team and strict production processes.

2.manufacturing capability

IECHO’s production base covers over 60000 square meters and its products now cover over 100 countries. Since its establishment, IECHO has always been committed to controlling product quality, from the procurement of raw materials to the monitoring of the production process, every step has gone through strict inspections.

3.Performance and functions of label cutting machines

Of course, one of the most important is the performance and function of the machine. Among the numerous label cutting machines in the market, the following three products stand out with  their unique performance and functions.

They have been optimized for different materials, application fields, and different needs. Whether in cutting accuracy, convenient operation or production efficiency, they have shown outstanding performance.


LCT laser die-cutting machine




MCT Rotary die cutter

4.Customer actual evaluation

In practical applications, many customers have highly evaluated our three label cutters. They stated that these machines are easy to operate and cut accurately, which greatly improves work efficiency. These positive feedback not only prove the superiority of the product, but also reflect our efforts in product development and production processes.

5.After-sale service

Finally, we focus on the after-sales service team. IECHO provides 24-hour after-sales service and customers can get timely help no matter when they are. The combination of online and offline ,so that customers can get the greatest support no matter where they are. In addition, IECHO’s after-sales team organizes different training every week, including mechanical operation and software training, to improve the professional level of every overseas after-sales personnel and provide better service.


Post time: May-28-2024
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