Recently, Headone Co., Ltd., a Korean agent of IECHO, participated in the DONG-A KINTEX EXPO with TK4S-2516 and PK0705PLUS machines.

Headone Co.,Ltd is a company that provides total services for digital printing, from digital printing equipment to materials and inks.In the field of digital printing, it has 20 years of experience and professional knowledge, and as an exclusive agent of IECHO, showcased these two machines at this exhibition.


TK4S-2516 is a high-precision cutting machine and it provides best choice for multi-industries automatic processing.The system can be precisely used for full cutting, half cutting,engraving,creasing,grooving and marking. Meanwhile, precise cutting performance could meet your large format requirement, User-friendly operating system will show you a perfect processing results.In addition,diversified cutting tools can cut different materials.

At the exhibition, the agent displayed KT boards and Chevrolet boards with a thickness exceeding 6mm, and assembled their finished products for other visitors .It showed the high precision and process of TK4S-2516, which has won unanimous recognition. Therefore, the booth was overcrowded, and everyone praised the performance of this machine.


In addition, PK0705PLUS also became the focus of the exhibition.This is a cutting machine designed specifically for the advertising is suitable for sample making and short-run customized production for Signs, Printing and Packaging industries. It is a cutting machine that can meet various creative processing needs.In addition, many visitors bought their own materials for trial cutting, and they are satisfied with both the speed and cutting effect.


Now, the exhibition has come to an end, but the excitement will continue. For more exciting content, please continue to follow the official website of IECHO.

Post time: May-14-2024
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