IECHO SCT installed in Korea

Recently, IECHO’s after -sales engineer Chang Kuan went Korea to successfully install and debug a customized SCT cutting machine. This machine is used for the cutting of the membrane structure, which is 10.3 meters long and 3.2 meters wide and the characteristics of customized models. It puts forward higher requirements for installation and debugging. After 9 days of careful installation and debugging,it was finally successfully completed.


From April 17th to 27th, 2024, IECHO’s after -sales engineer Chang Kuan was under pressure and challenge to come to the scene of Korean customers. His task is not only to install a special SCT cutting machine, but also to conduct relevant debugging and training. This SCT is a customized model, which has special requirements for cutting tables, diagonal and levelness.

From setting up the machine framework, adjusting the diagonal and level of the machine and install the machine tracks, worktops and beams, and then ventilate the electricity and each step requires accurate operation. During the process, Chang Kuan not only needs to deal with various technical problems, but also take into account the on -site environment and the actual needs of customers to ensure smooth installation.After his careful arrangement and meticulous operation, the entire process was very smooth.


Next, Chang Kuan started trial cutting and training. He discussed the cutting process of the membrane structure with customers, answered the customer’s questions during the operation, and assisted them to be familiar with the various functions and operation skills of SCT. The whole process is very smooth, and customers praise Chang Kuan’s professional knowledge and patient guidance.


It took 9 days to install and debug this time. In the process, Chang Kuan showed the professionalism and technical strength of IECHO. He is not sloppy for every detail to ensure that the equipment can run normally and meet the cutting needs of customers. This in -depth understanding and fine service of customer demand has been recognized and appreciated by  customer.

After installation and debugging, Chang Kuan said that he will further strengthen the maintenance and management of the machine to ensure that it is always in optimal condition. IECHO will continue to provide excellent service every time to meet the needs and expectations of customers. The successful installation and debugging of SCT once again proves IECHO’s technical strength and service level in the industry. We look forward to collaborating with more customers in the future to jointly promote the development of the industry.



Post time: Apr-30-2024
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