IECHO TK4S installed in Britain

Papergraphics has been creating large-format inkjet print media for nearly 40 years.As a well-known cutting supplier in the UK, Papergraphics has established long cooperative relationship with IECHO. Recently, Papergraphics invited IECHO’s overseas after-sales engineer Huang Weiyang to the customer site for the installation and training of TK4S-2516 and provide the excellent service.


Papergraphics has represented numerous cutting devices at IECHO . Its professional technical team and high -quality services have been recognized and praised by customers.

Last week, Papergraphics invited Huang Weiyang to the customer site to install and train TK4S-2516. The entire process from establishing the machine framework to powering on and ventilation took a week and was very smooth. However, during transportation, there were some issues with the isolation converter, and Huang Weiyang promptly applied for warranty to the headquarters of IECHO. IECHO’s factory immediately responded and sent new isolation converters to the customer.

After installing the machine, the next step is the training. The engineer conducted test and training on various functions for them. The customer was very satisfied with the performance and operation process of TK4S-2516. This is a perfect example of IECHO and PaperGraphics to provide customers with high -quality services.


As a professional cutting supplier with many years of history, the cooperation between Papergraphics and IECHO is not only about selling machines, but also providing customers with comprehensive services and support. IECHO promises to continue to provide excellent after-sales service to every customer, ensuring that they can enjoy the highest quality service.


Post time: Apr-30-2024
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