Indian customers visiting IECHO and expressing the willingness to further cooperate

Recently, an End-customer from India visited IECHO. This customer has many years of experience in the outdoor film industry and has extremely high requirements for production efficiency and product quality. A few years ago, they purchased a TK4S-3532 from IECHO. The main purpose of this visit is to participate in training and compare IECHO's other products. The customer expressed great satisfaction with IECHO's reception and service, and expressed their willingness to further cooperate.

During the visit, the client visited the headquarters and factory production lines of IECHO and expressed great admiration for IECHO's scale and neat production lines. He expressed appreciation for IECHO's production process and management, and stated that he will proceed with the next step of cooperation. In addition, he personally operated other machines and brought his own materials for trial cutting. Both the cutting effect and software application received high praise from him.


At the same time, the customer expressed great satisfaction with IECHO's reception and service, and highly praised the product quality and production efficiency. He stated that through this visit, he has gained a deeper understanding of IECHO and is willing to engage in further cooperation. We look forward to further cooperation with him in this field.

Thanks the visit for the Indian client . He not only gave high praise to IECHO's products, but also recognized the services. We believe that through this learning and communication, we can bring more opportunities and cooperation possibilities to both sides. We also look forward to more End-customers visiting IECHO in the future and exploring more possibilities together with us.



Post time: Mar-22-2024
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