New device to reduce labor costs——IECHO Vision Scan Cutting System

In modern cutting work, problems such as low graphic efficiency, no cutting files, and high labor costs often trouble us. Today, these problems are expected to be resolved because we have an device called IECHO Vision Scan Cutting System. It has Large scale scanning and can real -time capture graphics and contour, dynamic continuous shooting, one -click continuous cutting, etc., and is committed to solving the above problems.


1.Large scale scanning 

In this efficient era, our efficiency of making cutting files directly affects the progress of work. If you are faced with a complex drawing but the efficiency is low, then IECHO Vision Scan Cutting System will be a powerful assistant on your work. The Vision Scan Cutting System can comprehensively capture graphics and contours, achieving the best and fastest results regardless of how complex images and cutting paths are.


2.Live capture of graphics and contours and can dynamic continuous shooting

This system also has the ability to capture graphics and contours in real-time, which can dynamically shoot continuously, which greatly improves work efficiency. Whether facing irregular cutting routes or or complex environmental backgrounds, it can quickly identify and complete the cutting work to ensure accuracy and efficiency.


3.One -click continuous cutting and can reduce labor costs

The IECHO Vision Scan Cutting System with One -click continuous cutting and greatly saving labor costs and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.


4.Pixel level scanning and can active adsorption feeding

This system also has pixel level scanning , which can provide high-definition pictures of 220 million pixel HD pictures, providing users with more accurate cutting data. Meanwhile, its  active adsorption feeding function can automatically adsorb and deliver materials to the cutting position, greatly improving the level of automation.


The IECHO Vision Scan Cutting System is being accepted and loved by more and more users with its powerful functions and efficient working methods. Whether the Large scale scanning, live capture of graphics and contours, dynamic continuous shooting, one -click continuous cutting, etc., it provides effective solutions for solving the problem of low drawing efficiency, no cutting files, and high labor costs. It is believed that in the near future,  IECHO Vision Scan Cutting System will become the preferred tool for more enterprises and individuals.


Post time: May-24-2024
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