On the last day! Exciting Review of Drupa 2024

As a grand event in the printing and packaging industry, Drupa 2024 officially marks the last day .During this 11 day exhibition, the IECHO booth witnessed the exploration and deepening of the packaging printing and labeling industry, as well as many impressive on-site demonstrations and interactive experiences.


Exciting Review of the Exhibition Site

At the exhibition, a high -performance digital laser processing platform, the LCT laser die-cutting machine, attracted much attention. This device integrates automatic feeding, automatic deviation correction, laser flying cutting, and automatic waste removal,which provides a higher quality and fast order delivery solution for the label printing industry.

PK4 and BK4 have small batch and multi-creative production capabilities, achieving a perfect combination of digital production solutions and creative design, providing users with innovative and efficient production methods.


Industrial Transformation and Industry Outlook

At the Drupa 2024, the printing industry is undergoing a profound industrial transformation. Facing new technologies and demands, how printing enterprises respond and seize opportunities has become the focus of industry attention. Drupa foreshadows the development trend of printing technology in the next four to five years and also explores the market demand for exhibitors in the coming years. The printing industry is undergoing industrial transformation, with enormous potential for functional printing, 3D printing, digital printing, packaging printing, and label printing.

As one of the highlights of the exhibition, IECHO shows the strength of technological innovation and industry cutting -edge technology, and pointed out the direction of the development of the industry.


Drupa 2024 will officially come to an end today. On the last day of the exhibition, IECHO sincerely invites you to visit the Hall 13 A36 and witness the final excitement.

IECHO is committed to providing innovative printing technology solutions for global customers. With strong research and development capabilities and continuous technological innovation, IECHO has established a good brand in the industry and become a trusted partner for global users.

Post time: Jun-07-2024
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