SK2 installation in USA

CutworxUSA is a leader in finishing equipment with over 150 years combined experience in finishing solutions. They are committed to providing the best small and wide format finishing equipment, installation, service and training to increase the efficiency and productivity.

In order to further improve product quality and production efficiency, CUTWORXUSA decides to introduce IECHO’s SKII machine.SKII has high-precision multi-industry flexible material cutting system and it makes cutting more accurate, intelligent, high -speed and flexible.

In addition,IECHO SKII adopts the linear motor drive technology, and the fast response by the “Zero”transmission greatly shortens the acceleration and deceleration, which improves the overall machine performance significantly. In this context, IECHO after-sales engineer Li Weinan went to CutworxUSA on October 15, 23 to install and debug the SKII .

Before the installation, Li Weinan was fully prepared. He carefully studied the instructions and operating manual of the SKII and learned about the structure and characteristics of the machine. At the same time, he also communicated closely with the production department of CutworxUSA to understand the production process and working environment to ensure that the machine can smoothly integrate into the production process. After the preparation was completed, Li Weinan began the intense installation work.

During the installation process, Li Weinan strictly followed the installation steps of the SKII, accurately adjusted the machine, and ensured that the machine was fixed and stable. Then, he carried out electrical connections and debugging the machine, and the necessary lubrication and maintenance of the machine was made as required. Throughout the installation process, Li Weinan devoted himself to each step meticulously completed every step. After his unremitting efforts, the SKII was successfully installed, and the whole process took about three hours.

After installation, the SKII runs in good condition and fully meets the usage requirements of CutworxUSA. The stability and efficiency of the machine have received unanimous praise from the production department. Li Weinan’s professional skills and exquisite craftsmanship have been highly recognized by everyone.

Li Weinan successfully installed SKII for CutworxUSA, which significantly improved the company’s production efficiency and quality. At the same time, it laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve greater development in the industrial application field.


IECHO has been specializing in cutting for 30 years, with a strong R&D team providing technical support and a comprehensive after-sales team providing after-sales service.Using the best cutting system and the most enthusiastic service to protect the interests of customers, “For the development of various fields and stages companies provide better cutting solutions”, this is IECHO’s service philosophy and development motivation.


Post time: Oct-18-2023
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