The IECHO team remotely does a cutting demonstration for customers

Today, the IECHO team demonstrated the trial cutting process of materials such as Acrylic and MDF to customers through remote video conferencing, and demonstrated the operation of various machines, including LCT, RK2, MCT, vision scanning, etc.

IECHO is a well -known domestic enterprise focusing on non -metallic materials, with rich experience and advanced technology. Two days ago, the IECHO team received a request from UAE customers, hoping that through the method of remote video conferences, it showed the trial cutting process of the Acrylic, MDF and other materials, and demonstrated the operation of various machines. The IECHO team readily agreed to the customer's request and carefully prepared a wonderful remote demonstration. During the demonstration, IECHO's pre -sales technology introduced the use, characteristics and use methods of various machines in detail, and customers expressed high appreciation for this.



First of all, the IECHO team demonstrated the cutting process of the acrylic. The pre -sale technician of IECHO used TK4S cutting machine to cut the acrylic materials. At the same time, the MDF staged various patterns and texts to process the materials. The machine has high precision. The characteristics of high -speed can easily cope with the cutting task.


Then, the technician demonstrated the use of LCT, RK2 and MCT machines. Finally, IECHO technician also shows the use of vision scanning. The equipment can perform large -scale  and image processing, which is suitable for large -scale treatment of various materials.

Customers are very satisfied with the remote demonstration of the IECHO team. They think that this demonstration is very practical, so that they have a deeper understanding of IECHO's technical strength. Customers said that this remote demonstration not only resolved their doubts, but also provided them with many useful suggestions and opinions. They expect the IECHO team to provide more high -quality services and technical support in the future.

IECHO will continue to pay attention to customer needs, continuously optimize technology and products, and provide customers with better services. In future cooperation, IECHO can bring more improvement and help to customers' productivity and efficiency.


Post time: Mar-29-2024
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