TK4S installation in Britain

HANGZHOU IECHO SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., a supplier dedicated to intelligent cutting integrated solutions for the global non-metallic industry, dispatched overseas after-sales engineer Bai Yuan to provide the installation services for the new TK4S3521 machine for RECO SURFACES LTD in the UK on March 16, 2023 ,and the installation was successfully completed.

RECO SURFACES LTD is a company dedicated to providing high-quality surface treatment solutions. They have established a good reputation in the field of surface treatment and continuously meet customer needs through innovation and high-quality product services. In order to further improve production efficiency and  the growing market demand, RECO SURFACES LTD has decided to choose IECHO Technology’s TK4S3521 machine as their preferred solution.


The TK4S3521 machine is one of the fully automated solutions in IECHO cutting machines.And the TK4S has Large Format Cutting System.It can provide the best choice for multi-industries automatic processing.The system can be precisely used for full cuting, half cuting,engraving,creasing,grooving and marking. Meanwhile, precise cutting performance could meet the large format requirement. User-friendly operating system will show a perfect processing results.The reliable performance, intelligent control, and user-friendly interface of TK4S bring RECO SURFACES LTD a more convenient and efficient operating experience.

Bai Yuan worked closely with the technical team of RECO SURFACES LTD to ensure perfect compatibility between the machine and the production environment during the installation. After the installation was completed, the Engineer Bai Yuan also provided a complete training to the employees of RECO SURFACES LTD to ensure that they were familiar with and proficient in the operation and maintenance of the machine.


The management of RECO SURFACES LTD is very satisfied with the installation service and appreciates the professional technical support and excellent service provided by Baiyuan. They believe that through cooperation with IECHO Technology, their production efficiency will be significantly improved and they can provide customers with higher quality services.

IECHO cutting will continue to be committed to providing excellent non-metallic industry cutting integration solutions to global customers, and working with partners from various industries to achieve a greater success.

Post time: Sep-20-2023
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