What is the IECHO BK4 Customization System?

Is your advertising factory still worried about “too many orders”, “few staff” and “low efficiency”?

Don’t worry, the IECHO BK4 Customization System has been launched!


It is not difficult to find that with the development of the industry, more and more personalized demand was increased.Especially for advertising printing enterprises.Traditional enterprises only increase employees to solve the problem of “multiplicity”, “diversity”, and “urgency” in orders.Nowadays, enterprises are paying attention to the construction of intelligent factories to solve the management and cost problems caused by the increase in personnel.

As a professional manufacturer of cutting machines for advertising industry, IECHO based on the ”Professional”, “precise”, “efficient” corporate philosophy and brings the IECHO BK4 Customization System to the development of the future advertising industry.


So, what is the IECHO BK4 Customization System?

This is a set of solutions for advertising printing factory orders in three pain points: “multiplicity”, “variety”, and “urgent”. It realizes the integration of order receiving, production nesting, cutting, sorting, and packaging and delivery.

Design for personalized orders

Solve the problem of “multiplicity, variety, urgency”

Have you encountered these problems?

Multiplicity: Bulk customers, orders, and categories

Variety: Miscellaneous materials, techniques, and pictures

Urgency: Urgent quotation, production, and delivery

“IECHO BK4 Customization System” can help you solve three major issues of orders “multiplicity”, “variety,”, and “urgency” with intelligent order receiving,nesting, cutting, sorting, and packaging.


How to place an order?

Divided into online ordering and agency ordering:

Customers can place orders and make payments by themselves within 24 hours, and then the orders will be automatically delivered to the workshop.

Employees can also place orders on behalf of customers, and after placing an order, they can directly enter the factory for production. 


What is the process for the IECHO BK4 Customization System?

From receiving orders to sorting, every step is carefully optimized to ensurer more efficient production process.

Intelligent receiving orders: Customers place orders online first, the system receives orders quotes automatically

Intelligent matting: Automatic matting without gray layer

Intelligent nesting: Different patterns can be nested closely, front and back mounting function

Intelligent Cutting:QR code management data ,Automatic Knife Initialization ,AI intelligent material library ,One -click automatic cutting

Intelligent sorting   Quick classification of finished products,Projection guided sorting

Intelligent packaging: alert for orders finished, print delivery labels


What are the advantages of the IECHO BK4 Customization System?

1.Intelligent receiving orders and intelligent matting can reduce labor and save enterprise costs.

2.Standardized workflow can increase work efficiency by 10 times

3.Intelligent nesting and intelligent Cutting can adjust the cutting path and can save material 

4.Projection guided sorting can reduce error rates and save time

5. Scanning the QR code and taking photos for delivery can improve the customer service


Post time: Feb-03-2024
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