What is XY cutter?

news_equipmentIt is specially referred as the cutting machine with rotary cutter in both X and Y direction to trim and slit flexible materials such as wallpaper, PP vinyl, canvas and etc for printing finishing industry, from roll to certain size of sheet (or sheet to sheet for some models).

Compared to other flatbed cutting machines, the tool is limited: only with a few rotary cutters to slit and cannot do kiss cutting, V-cut or creasing, however, the operation of the this type of machine is easy. Just put the roll in the feeder, set the parameters in the panel and stand in front of the machine to collect, which is the whole process for XY cutter. The limited material range for cutting in some ways is also its advantage: if you are doing the materials mentioned above, you can directly choose this type of machine for lowest investment but high and fast profit. Choosing right type of machine is significant.

From manual labor to automation

From the development of the machine, we can see scientific influence matters. Decades ago, manufacturers use ruler and knife to trim the materials, which requires a lot focus and attention. And around 30 years ago, science steps into the industry. Companies have released manual trim and electric trim series for single sheet environment, which enlightens the further development of the cutter - from single sheet to roll,. A few years later, the semi-automated XY Cutter come into the market - automatic roll feeding and manual vertical cutter positioning which surprise the customers and overwhelm the world. But this is never the advanced type. Automatic vertical cutter positioning makes unattended production possible, and is realized by some corporate in recent years. IECHO is one of them.

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After several years of digging into the XY cutter, IECHO have released our own semi-automated machine and received positive feedback from our distributors and customers regarding the ability, quality and reliability. Choosing the right brand is also significant.

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As a manufacturer dedicated to digital cutting machines for 30 years, IECHO will stick to her first ambition and move on and on to provide best solutions for customers all over the world!

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Post time: May-18-2023
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