Why Composite Materials Need Finer Machining?

What are composite materials?

Composite material refers to a material composed of two or more different substances combined in different ways. It can play the advantages of various materials, overcome the defects of a single material, and expand the application range of materials.Although the composite material has obvious advantages compared with the single material, it is difficult to cut and the material loss is high. This requires a precise production process to minimize losses.

What are the difficulties in composite material processing?

1.High manual processing errors and low efficiency

2.High material prices and high waste of manual cutting costs

3.Low manual discharge efficiency

4.High material hardness and high requirements for processing equipment.


IECHO Intelligent Cutting System


BK4 High Speed Digital Cutting System

Coexistence of details and strength

Diversified cutting modules can be freely combined as needed, satisfying the cutting requirements for different materials in different industries.


Upgrade circuit layout

Newly upgraded circuit layout, more convenient operation.


Various material unwinding devices

Choose the correct unwinding device according to feature of the material.


Intelligent Conveyor System

Intelligent control of material transmission realizes the coordinated work of cutting and collecting, realized continuous cutting for super-long marker, saving labor and improved production efficiency.


Cut samples




Post time: Nov-23-2023
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