RK Intelligent Digital label cutter

RK Digital label cutter



No need for dies

There is no need to make a die, and the cutting graphics are directly output by the computer, which not only increases flexibility but also saves costs.

Multiple cutting heads are intelligent controlled

According to the number of labels, the system automatically assigns multiple machine heads to work at the same time, and can also work with a single machine head.

Efficient cutting

The cutting system adopts full servo drive control, the maximum cutting speed of single head is 1.2m/s, and the cutting efficiency of four heads can reach 4 times.


With the addition of a slitting knife, the slitting can be realized, and the minimum slitting width is 12mm.


Supports cold lamination, which is performed at the same time as cutting.




Machine Type RK Max cutting speed 1.2m/s
Max roll diameter 400mm Max feeding speed 0.6m/s
Max roll length 380mm Power supply / Power 220V / 3KW
Roll core diameter 76mm/3inc Air source Air compressor external 0.6MPa
Max label length 440mm work noise 7ODB
Max label width 380mm File format DXF.PLT.PDF.HPG.HPGL.TSK、
Min slitting width 12mm
Slitting quantity 4standard (optional more) Control mode PC
Rewind quantity 3 rolls (2 rewinding 1 waste removal) weight 580/650KG
Positioning CCD Size(L×W×H) 1880mm×1120mm×1320mm
Cutter head 4 Rated voltage Single Phase AC 220V/50Hz
Cutting accuracy ±0.1 mm Use environment Temperature 0℃-40℃, humidity 20%-80%%RH


Cutting system

Four cutter heads work at the same time, automatically adjust the distance and assign the working area. Combined cutter head working mode, flexible to deal with cutting efficiency problems of different sizes. CCD contour cutting system for efficient and precise processing.

Servo driven web guide system

Servo motor drive, quick response, support direct torque control. The motor adopts ball screw, high precision, low noise, maintenance-free Integrated control panel for easy control.

Feeding and unwinding control system

The unwinding roller is equipped with a magnetic powder brake, which cooperates with the unwinding buffer device to deal with the material looseness problem caused by the unwinding inertia. The magnetic powder clutch is adjustable so that the unwinding material maintains the proper tension.

Rewind control system

Including 2 winding roller control units and 1 waste removal roller control unit. The winding motor works under the set torque and maintains a constant tension during the winding process.