Designed for the Acoustic industry —— IECHO trussed type feeding/loading

As people become more health conscious and environmentally conscious, they are increasingly willing to choose acoustic foam as a material for private and public decoration. At the same time, the demand for diversification and individualisation of products is growing, and changing the colours and cutting different shapes of acoustic foam is no longer enough to meet customer needs. Hollowing, V-grooving, engraving, piecing, etc. are all complex processes that can be achieved by the IECHO cutting machine. It is the core point to improve the competitiveness of the market and to keep moving forward with the development of new ideas.


While focusing on the cutting effect, efficiency cannot be ignored. Acoustic materials are characterised by their large size, mass and airtightness, and ordinary feeding and loading system have no way of conveying them, making it difficult to form an uninterrupted assembly line, which is perfectly solved by the truss feeding and loading system.

Trussed type feeding: Pneumatic cylinder push for air permeable acoustic felts to extract the material from the floor pallets to the loading area table. The high performance sensor sensitivity function is used to detect random reductions in the height of the floor pallet material, making the machine operate more intelligently.

Trussed type loading: In view of the inconsistency of the size and weight of the cut material samples, the felt conveyor belt mode is used to solve the problem of leakage caused by the aluminum suction cup adsorbing heavy materials and the material is larger than the suction range of the aluminum suction cup. Use the high-performance sensor sensitivity function to cope with the randomness of the stacking height and make the mechanical operation more intelligent.

Post time: Nov-08-2023
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