CutterServer is a software to set tool parameters and edit cutting tasks.

CutterServer is a software to set tool parameters and edit cutting tasks.

Customers use iBrightcut, iPlycut and Smartcut to edit cutting files and send them to CutterServer to control cutting.

Software Features

Long task interruption recovery function Log view Easy operation Remove background image automatically Multiple operation modes Notch recognition QR code read a file function Imput Aama

Material Library

It includes a lot of material data and cutting parameters for various industries. Users can find the suitable tools, blades and parameters according to the materials. The material library can be expanded individually by the user. New material data and the best cutting methods can be defined by users for the future jobs.

Tasks Management

Users can set the cutting task priority according to the order, check the previous task records, and directly obtain the historical tasks for cutting.

Cutting Path Tracking

Users can track the cutting path, estimate the cutting time before the task, update the cutting progress during the cutting process, record the whole cutting time, and user can manage progress of every task.

Long task interruption recovery function

If the software has crashed or the file has been closed, reopen the task file to be restored and adjust the dividing line to the position where you want to continue the task.

Log view

Mainly used to view machine operation records, including alarm information, cutting information, etc.

Auto Knife Initialization

The software will make intelligent compensation according to different types of tools to ensure the accuracy of cutting.

The DSP board is the most important part of the machine. It is the main board of the machine. When it needs to be upgraded, we can remotely send an upgrade package to you for upgrading, instead of sending back the DSP board.

Powerful graphics editing function

IBrightCut has the CAD function that commonly used in Sign & Graphic industry. With IBrightCut, users can edit the files, even design and create the files.

Easy operation

IBrightCut has the powerful functions and easy to operate. User can learn all the operations of IBrightCut within 1 hour and can operate it proficiently within 1 days.

Remove background image automatically

Select the picture, adjust the threshold, the picture is close to black and white contrast, the software can automatically pick the path.

Point Edit

Double-click the graphic to change it to point editing state. Available operations.

Add point: Double click any place of the graphic to add point.

Remove point: Double click to delete point.

Alter knife point of closed contour: Select the point for knife point, right click

Select【knife point】in the popup menu.

Layer Setting

IBrightCut layer setting system can divide the cutting graphics into multiple layers, and set different cutting methods and cutting orders according to the layers to achieve different effects.

Arrays and Repeat Cutting Setting

After using this function, you can do any number of repeated cuttings on the X and Y axes, without having to complete cutting and then click again to start. Repeat cutting times,“0”means none,“1”means repeat one time (two times cutting totally).

Barcode scanning

By scanning the barcode on the material with the scanner, you can quickly identify the type of material and import the file

Recognizable file types are diverse

IBrightCut can recognize dozens of file formats including tsk, brg, etc.

Convenient software operation

Simple image buttons.

Simple image buttons include all the common functions. IMulcut is designed with visual buttons as icon and add numbers of buttons to facilitate users operation

Multiple operation modes

IMulCut has designed a variety of operating methods according to the user's operating habits. We have four different ways to adjust the view of the workspace and three ways to open files.

Notch recognition

Length and width of notch recognition are notch size of the sample, and output size is the actual notch cut size. Notch output supports conversion function, I notch recognized on the sample can be done as a V notch in actual cutting, and vice versa.

Drilling recognition

The drilling recognition system can automatically recognize the size of the graphic when the material is imported and select the appropriate tool for drilling.

Output accuracy and optimization parameters

● Internal synchronization: make inner line cutting direction same as outline.

● Path optimization: change sample’s cutting sequence to achieve the shortest cutting path.

● Double arc output: system adjust automatically cutting sequence of notches to reduce reasonable cutting time.

● Restrict overlap: samples cannot overlap

● Merge optimize: when merging multiple samples, system will calculate the shortest cutting path and merge accordingly.

● Knife point of merge: when samples have merging line, system will set knife point where merged line starts.

Customized language system

We provide multiple languages for you to choose. If the language you need is not in our list, please contact us and we can provide you with a customized translation

Quick setting of notch output

This function is provided for the upholstered furniture industry. Due to the fact that there is mostly a kind of notch in the furniture industry samples and the knives used for cutting notch holes can be unified into certain types, so you can make quick settings in the "Output" dialog. Each time you modify the notch parameters, click the settings to save.

QR code read a file function

The material information can be obtained directly by scanning the QR code, and the material can be cut according to the preset function.

When the PRT to notch, it will damage the felt when turning, so adding "height compensation" will makes the knife move up a short distance when cutting the notch, and it will come down after notching.

Nesting System

● Nesting setting, can set the fabric width and length. User can set the fabric width and length according to the actual size.

● Interval setting, is the interval between the patterns. User can set it according to the needs, and the interval of normal patterns is 5mm.

● Rotation, we recommend users to select  it with 180°

Imput Aama

Through this function, the file data format of the major well-known companies can be identified

Output setting

● Tool selection and sequence, user can select the output outer contour, inner line, notch, etc, and select the cutting tools.

● User can select pattern priority, tool priority, or outer contour priority. If different tools are used, we recommend the queue is notch, cutting and pen.

● Text output, can set pattern name, additional text, etc. It will not set generally.

Notch Recognition

Through this function, the software can set the type, length and width of the notch to meet your different cutting requirements

Breaking line

When the machine is cutting, you want to replace a new roll of material, and the cut part and the uncut part are still connected. At this time, you don't need to cut the material manually. The breaking line function will automatically cut the material.

Set marking order

When you import one piece of sample data, and you need multiple pieces of the same piece for nesting, you do not need to import the data repeatedly, just enter the number of samples you need through the set marking order function.



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