10 Amazing Benefits of Digital Cutting Machines

Digital cutting machine is the best tool for cutting flexible materials and you can get 10 amazing benefits from digital cutting machines. Let’s start learning the features and benefits of digital cutting machines.

The digital cutter uses high and low-frequency vibration of the blade to cut. It has high precision, high speed and is not limited by the cutting pattern. It can automatically load and unload, intelligent layout, and gradually improve or replace the traditional flexible cutting process equipment. The digital cutting machine can automatically and accurately complete the process of full cutting and marking, which is widely used in automotive interior, advertising, clothing, home, composite materials, etc.


Car Interior

IECHO pays attention to every little detail in production, and digitalization is also changing the production method of steering wheel cover. How to produce more competitive products? IECHO cutting machine can help you.

TK4S Large format cutting system provides the best choice for multi-industries automatic processing. Its system can be precisely used for full cutting, half cutting, engraving, creasing, grooving, and marking. Meanwhile, precise cutting performance could meet your large format requirement. A user-friendly operating system will show you a perfect processing result.


10 amazing benefits of digital cutting machine

1.Using digital cutting technology to save the cost and time of tool manufacturing, management, and storage in the production and development process, say goodbye to the traditional manual tool cutting process, completely break the bottleneck of enterprises relying on skilled workers, and take the lead in the digital forming era.

2.Multi-functional cutting head design, multiple sets of highly integrated processing tools, can be used as a work unit for interactive cutting, punching, and scribing operations.

3.Difficult, complex patterns, mold can not achieve the template cutting, greatly expanding the design space of footwear designers to create new patterns that can not be replicated manually, so that the template is attractive so that the design can really be achieved, rather than the fear of not reaching the field.


Applications of TK4S Large Format Cutting System 

4.Good discharge function, calculation system automatic discharge, accurate calculation, cost calculation, material release accurate management, truly realize digital zero inventory strategy.

5.Through the projector projection or camera shooting, master the leather outline, effectively identify the leather defects. In addition, according to the natural grain of the leather, you can adjust the digital cutting direction at will in order to increase the output, reduce the loss and improve the effective utilization of materials. Vibrating knife leather cutting machine.

6.Programmed computer simulation eliminates the interference of personal factors such as workers’ emotions, skills, and fatigue on the existing supply, eliminates hidden waste, and improves the material utilization rate.

7.Can realize the timely modification of the model, save development time, rapid release of the board, rapid change of the board, to adapt to the fast and changing market demand.

8.Overcut optimization function: Using self-developed software, the system optimizes the physical overcutting phenomenon of the tool, substantially restores the graphic outline, and brings the customer a satisfactory cutting effect.

9.Intelligent table surface compensation function: detecting the flatness of the table surface through the high precision rangefinder, and correcting the plane in real-time through software to ensure the high-quality cutting effect.

10.Positive and negative sleeve cutting function: combined with the table surface detection function, to achieve intelligent positive and negative graphic sleeve cutting function. Multi-task efficient cycle cutting can be equipped with more adsorption In the processing technology of composite materials, the digital cutting machine replaces the traditional manual drawing board in the manufacturing process of composite products, and the manual cutting process, especially for irregular shapes, irregular patterns, and other complex samples, has greatly improved production efficiency.


Post time: Nov-15-2023
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