What do you know about the cutting of Magnetic sticker?

Magnetic sticker are widely used in daily life. However, when cutting magnetic sticker, some problems may be encountered. This article will discuss these issues and provide corresponding recommendations for cutting machines and cutting tools.


Problems encountered in cutting process

1. Inaccurate cutting: The material of magnetic sticker is relatively soft and easily deformed by external forces. Therefore, if the cutting method is improper or the cutting machine is not precise enough, it may lead to uneven or distorted cutting edges.

2. Tool wear: For cutting magnetic sticker, specialized tools are usually required. If selected or used improperly, the tool may wear out quickly, affecting cutting quality.

3. Magnetic sticker detachment: Due to the magnetic nature of magnetic stickers, improper handling during the cutting process may cause the magnetic sticker to detach, affecting the effectiveness of the product.


How to choose cutting machines and cutting tools

1. Cutting machine : For cutting magnetic sticker, IECHO TK4S can be selected. The machine is easy to operate, with high precision and efficiency. There are multiple cutting tools to be chosen  and it can achieve automatic knife, control cutting force, and reduce material damage.

2. Cutting tools: Select the appropriate tool based on the material and size of the magnetic sticker.Usually, we use EOT to achieve the cutting . Meanwhile, maintaining the sharpness of the cutting tool is also the key to improving cutting quality.

3. Tool maintenance: To avoid tool wear, the tools should be regularly maintained and sharpened. Choose an appropriate grinding method based on the material and usage of the cutting tool to ensure its cutting performance.

4. Precautions for operation: During the cutting process, ensure that the magnet is securely fixed to avoid detachment or deformation caused by improper operation. At the same time, the cutting force and speed should be reasonably controlled to ensure cutting accuracy and efficiency.


Post time: Jan-29-2024
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