IECHO machines install in Thailand

IECHO, as a well-known manufacturer of cutting machines in China, also provides strong after-sales support services. Recently, a series of important installation work has been completed at King Global Incorporated in Thailand. From January 16th to 27th, 2024, our technical team successfully installed three machines at King Global Incorporated, including the TK4S large format cutting system, Spreader and Digitizer .These devices and after-sales services have been highly recognized by King Global Incorporated.

King Global Incorporated is a well-known polyurethane foam company in Thailand, with 280000 square meters of industrial area. Their production capacity is strong, and they can produce 25000 metric tons of soft polyurethane foam every year. The production of flexible slabstock foam is managed by the most advanced automation system to ensure consistent high-quality output.

The TK4S large format cutting system is one of the star products of IECHO, and its performance is particularly outstanding. “This machine has a very flexible working area, greatly improving cutting efficiency . Moreover, the AKI system and diversified cutting Tools make our work very intelligent and labor-saving. This is undoubtedly a huge help for our technical team and production,” said local technician Alex.


Another installed device is the spreader, and its main function is to flatten each layer. When the rack is not cloth, it can automatically complete the original point to be zero and reset, and no artificial intervention is required, which undoubtedly greatly improves the work efficiency.


IECHO’s after -sales engineer Liu Lei performed very well in Thailand. His attitude and professional ability were highly praised by King Global. King Global technician Alex said in an interview: “This Spreader is really convenient.” His evaluation fully reflects the confidence of IECHO machine performance and our commitment to customer service quality.

Overall, this cooperative relationship with King Global is a successful attempt. IECHO will continue to be committed to providing the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of customers. IECHO looks forward to establishing a successful cooperative relationship with more customers to jointly promote the progress and development of the industrial field.


Post time: Jan-31-2024
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