LCT laser die-cutting machine

LCT laser die-cutting machine



Machine body frame

It adopts pure steel integral welded structure, and is processed by a large five-axis gantry milling machine. After anti-aging treatment, it ensures the precision and stability of the mechanical structure for long-term operation.

Moving parts

Adopt servo motor and encoder closed-loop motion control system to ensure the system is accurate, stable and reliable.

Laser cutting platforms

Adopt high-precision aluminum alloy platform to ensure the consistency of laser die-cutting depth.




Machine type LCT350
Maximum feeding speed 1500mm/s
Die cutting accuracy 土0.1mm
Maximum cutting width 350mm
Maximum cutting length Unlimited
Maximum material width 390mm
Maximum outer diameter 700mm
Graphic format supported Al/BMP /PLT/DXF /Ds /PDF
Working environment 15-40°℃
Appearance size(L×W×H) 3950mm×1350mm×2100mm
Equipment weight 200okg
Power supply 380V 3P 50Hz
Air pressure 0.4Mpa
Dimensions of the chiller 550mm*500mm*970mm
Laser power 300w
chiller power 5.48KW
Negative pressure suction
system power


Convection smoke removal system

Using source bottom blowing side row technology.
The surface of the smoke removal channel is mirror-finished, easy to clean.
Intelligent smoke alarm system to effectively protect optical components.

Intelligent Tension Control System

The feeding mechanism and the receiving mechanism adopt magnetic powder brake and tension controller, the tension adjustment is accurate, the start is smooth, and the stop is stable, which ensures the stability and accuracy of the material tension during the feeding process.

Ultrasonic Intelligent Correction System

Real-time monitoring of working status.
High dynamic response level and accurate positioning.
Brushless DC servo motor drive, precision ball screw drive.

Laser Processing System

The photoelectric sensor is linked to realize the automatic positioning of the processing data.
The control system automatically calculates the working time according to the processing data, and adjusts the feeding speed in real time.
The flying cutting speed up to 8 m/s.

Laser box Photonic Integrated Circuit system

Extend optical component life by 50%.
Protection class IP44.

Feeding system

The high-precision CNC machine tool is used for one-time processing and molding, and is processed by the deviation correction system to ensure the installation surface accuracy of various types of reels.